Just a silly little poem to say how much I adore Jared Padalecki...


1. -

I really love Jared Padalecki 
He's such a kochanie
His hair is so soft and fluffy
He actually resembles a cute little puppy

His eyes they are of emerald green
With tiny flecks of brown 
Don't even get me started on the dimples or the jaw 
The prettiness is overwhelming 
I think I might lay down
And have a nervous breakdown 
But that's not all, no
This man is talented as well
Singing and acting
Dancing... not so much

But that doesn't really matter 
Because he's as sweet as a cookie batter 
Cares a lot and gives a lot 
Oh man, just look at me now
I've fallen pretty deep

- and lost those extra hours of sleep 


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