My Death

The title says it all its about if I were to die. This particular fanfiction is inspired from the book called 'Five People you Meet in Heave'. I hope you enjoy!


1. The End

        Left alone once again, I sit in my house. The sun was getting ready to begin it’s descend down past the horizon.  Mother is with her boyfriend, they were on a date night. Brother is at his house being watched over by Daniel a friend of mom’s boyfriend. I sit alone wrapped in my black furry blanket. My eye lids heavy with fatigue as I watch my three dogs walk passed the couch I sit on and straight to my room. Looking down at my shaking hands I sigh. The house is cold in my opinion, even though the heater is on. It starts to get harder to breath as the cold seeps in. I curl up deeper into the blanket hoping to get a hint of warmth. My breathing get heavy, unable to stay awake any longer my eyes close. My mind sits in darkness for what seems like minutes before I feel something like a string snap in my chest.

            My eyes slowly open. I blink a couple of times before I sit up. The cold that once surrounded me was now gone. My pit bull Angel sits in front of me. Her whining voice sounds desperate almost panicky, “What is it baby girl?”

            I looked outside the sun had set and the sky was lit with stars. Angel starts to bark, all her barks were high pitched. Then I noticed she wasn’t looking at me, she was still starring at the same spot I had been laying in. Worried I looked at what she was starring at. I froze, I saw myself still laying down paler then normal. Angel’s head turns to the direction of tires driving into our yard. She then starts to bark frantically trying to draw attention to where she was. Mother waked into the house confused then looked down at the me that was lying on the couch.

            “Estrella wake up”, mom waits for me to get up knowing I always wake up or give some kind of response.

“Estrella?” she hesitates before shaking my shoulder, “Estrella…Estrella?” she shakes my shoulders more frantically her voice laced with worry. “Estrella! Please wake up! Rick! Rick help!”

Rick, mom’s boyfriend rushes in.  “Rick help me get her into the car something’s wrong!”

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