Two worlds collided when they were together. Michael felt the impact in his chest. "Hey, Luke?"


"Remember that time in the third grade, when you pretended to be a girl for a week?"

Luke's ivory cheeks caught fire, bashful, he bowed his head. He felt it too. The impact in his chest, the fire accelerating his heart. "I didn't think anyone remembered that?"

Michael's very pink lips spread into a smile. "It's hard to forget anything about you. What was your name again?"


❀ Muke AU || All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2016

This is for the Fan Fiction Competition.


2. i


     In third grade, Luke's mom was every mom in one.

     She was a xanax white wine mom when Luke's dad left, a bed-any-man-with-a-pulse mom (even Ben's favorite teacher which caused him to run away twice) when the depression sunk in, a violently explosive mom when Ben tried to run away for the third time and threatened to take Jack and Luke with him, a teary eyed apologetic good christian mom when confronted by their church and concerned friends, and then the very famous absent face-down-in-her-own-vomit three states away mom that they only got to hear about. 

     For the rest of third grade year and half of fourth, Luke and his brothers stayed with their next door neighbor - Sula. 

      Luke coughed at the thick scent the burning incense created. Some kind of fake vanilla cinnamon mix. It was a half-assed attempt to cover the smell of weed that seemed to permanently stain the dingy green walls. Kids trampled in and out of the house and Sula ducked and dodged pass them, holding Luke's backpack, and trying to stay upright on her wedge heels. 
     "Sorry. Nona babysits on Saturdays." 
      "Nona?" Luke asked.
      "Aren't you a prostitute, Mrs. Sula?" 
     Ben slapped Jack on the back of the head. Jack bobbed forward, wincing, and then in a misdirection of anger (Ben was too big to hit) pinched Luke on the arm. Luke cried out and furrowed his eyebrows at Ben. "Dick."
     Sula threw her hands up. "Boys it's ok-"
     "Cut it out dipshits," Ben whispered harshly. 
     "Make me." 
     Ben dropped his box of clothes on the floor, and lurched towards Jack, angrily balling his fists. "You little-,"
      "Ben!" In ran Ronnie, and without any regard to the situation at hand she threw her arms around Ben and giggled. 
     Ronnie was Sula's daughter, in the same grade as Luke, and crazy about Ben. Ben shifted uncomfortably and let his arms go slack as Ronnie just held on tighter. Jack stuck his tongue out at Ben and mouthed "ha-ha." 
     Sula tugged at Ronnie - "Ronnie, baby, how about we show them their room instead?" Ronnie held on for dear life and after a few more good pulls, Sula gave up and groaned, then instructed the boys to follow her. 

     Sula's place was small, but a place nonetheless. It's not like the boy's father had offered up to take them - or had even been heard from since he left without a the littlest  suggestion of a reason why. No. Sula's place was small, but big in the fact that she had two small bedrooms, the tinest bathroom, a rundown kitchen that sometimes spat green stuff out the faucet, a browning back yard 
and a the livingroom that was often converted into a daycare, and had without even being asked, welcomed the boys in with open arms. Big heart Sula. 
      When she gave the boys their goodnights; Luke: a hug and a peck on the cheek,  Jack: some reassurance about his mom, and Ben: some praise for being a good big brother, she smiled in the door way. 
     "I'm not a prostitute, by the way."
     Ben glared at Jack, who just slithered deeper under the covers. "I'm a stripper. Not a 'Mrs.' either. Night boys." The lights went out.

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