The grey area in this fight (Death note fanfiction)

My name is Tsuki Yagami. And I am Light Yagami's twin sister. . . sort of. We may look like each other besides our eyes. Mine are white and silver like (No I am not blind!) while he has brown eyes. Yet everything else is the same. Same brown hair, same intelligence, same height. Yet the other difference is how we see the world and our morals. And this is the story where we are torn apart and I find my other half. . .


1. Just another day. . . NOT!

          Tell me when it's all over cause I can't bear to watch it anymore.



       Running it seemed that I couldn't stop no matter what I did. When I fell was when I realized I shouldn't have done that. Because the moment I turned my head to look behind me red eyes stared back at me. And they belong to. . . .

     I sat up quickly with my breath coming out short and sweat glistening on my forehead. My eyes darted around my room as I looked for those red eyes from my dream. Yet when I found no evidence of there being anyone in my room did I sigh in relief and my eyes finally close. My body relaxed back down into the sheets where I wrapped myself in the blankets. I opened my eyes a little to stare at the window across my bed showing the dawn coming. A frown came upon my lips as I thought of another day that would come and go. Repeating itself as I dragged my tired body around. When a beeping noise came I shifted my body to the nightstand seeing my clock go off. My hand than arm came snaking out of the blankets o press the button to turn it off. I let my arm hang there limply with my hand still on the clock waiting for the knock I know will come. As someone rapped their knuckles on my door did my ear twitch knowing I heard right. "Tsuki wake up and get ready." I heard my brother call from behind the door. I sighed and pushed the blankets back and moved myself into a sitting position with my bare feet touching the cold hardwood floor.

      The thing is is that my family doesn't know of this on going struggle behind my perfect mask of indifference. It's both a blessing and a cruse. Yet with both hands laying flat on my bed I pushed myself up to stand. Once I was fully standing I turned my head to face my mirror and saw the female version of my brother looking back yet my white silvery eyes went against it. A slight smile graced my face from seeing my eyes and not my brothers. My feet padded softly against the floor not making a sound as I went to my closet. When I got there my hand reached out and grabbed the handle pushing/sliding the door opened. I looked at the clothes in my closet looking for my uniform. Once I found it I pulled it out and laid it out on my bed, while I stripped from the sweatshirt I wore to bed. when that went onto my bed I went and put on my uniform. As I was pulling on the jacket my hand slipped and the button cut my finger. I complete forgot that this one had a broken button on it. A sigh passed my lips as I pressed my bleeding finger to my lips to stop the bleeding as I grabbed the brush and brushed my hair out. After I was done I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder and used my other hand to open my door even though my finger was still bleeding. 'Isn't it funny? Even when I bleed my mask stays in perfect condition. . . But for how long do I have till I crack underneath it?' I thought as I walked down the stairs to see my brother getting his shoes on. "Ah Tsuki are you ready to go?" He asked with as much care as someone who fakes like I do can. Not to break character I smiled back to him and nodded. "Yeah just let me put on my shoes." My voice came out soft as it usually does from it not being used that often. Yet I saw my brothers mask slip to see genuine care, and when I saw that mine nearly slipped only my eyes showing the pain and sadness swimming in my eyes. Until the mask came back up and all of it disappeared. I watched from the corner of my eye as I put my shoes on that he saw. He saw the pain and sadness that was in my eyes. But will he comment on it? No he wont and he never will.

      As we walked out of the house him carrying his bag beside him while mine was over my shoulder. We walked in complete silence which wasn't strange for us. Nowadays we had trouble with what to say to each other. All because of an argument we had a couple of weeks ago. One I wish didn't pull us apart. . .

      ..."Tsuki how could you say that?" My brother yelled at me. "No Light how could you do that?!" I yelled right back...

      I closed my eyes pushing the memory back into a box in my mind. My eyes snapped open when I felt a hand grab my arm. "Watch it Tsuki! You almost walked right out into the street." Light said with concern in his voice. My eyes blinked as I stared at the cars. A sigh passed my lips as I looked back at my brother. "Thanks light." I said softly to him though the frown stayed on his face. "Why won't you drop the mask?" I heard him ask softly and my eyes widened and I turned away from him. When I looked up I saw that we were allowed to walk and that's what I did. . . I walked away from my brother. 

      We got to the school at different times. I before him which meant I could hide before I had to answer him. which lead me to hear the boxing room. Where I went during my free period, morning, or even stayed after some nights. But now I just wanted to sit and contemplate with what was going on. "I can't give him a direct answer nor can I tell him the truth." I whispered to myself and I nodded. "Seems like I'll have to act as if I don't remember." I whispered again out loud. I stood up and went to class and sat there waiting for the bell to ring. Five minutes before the bell rang my brother walks in and sat down at his desk by the window. Once the bell rang so did class and I don't recall how I got through it without falling asleep. When I glanced over at my brother it seemed he was drawn into his thoughts and looking out the window. When my eyes turned off of him for a second and looked back he looked curious and surprised. I shook my head and went back to paying some attention to the boring class.

     After I wrote the last word in my notes the last bell rang. I sighed and stretched my arms above my head and stood. I went and grabbed my stuff and put it in my bag and walked out of the room my brother right behind me. We went down to the lockers and changed our shoes to outdoor shoes. We walked out of the school and I started walking to the gate but I noticed my brother not behind me. I turned around and saw him staring at a notebook on the ground. I shook my head and waited for him by the gate. Once he got to me he had a look of confusion on his face. "Are you alright brother?" I asked softly and he blinked and looked at me. He nodded slowly than started walking causing me to follow slightly behind him. And we walked home in complete silence once again.

    Once we got home I took off my shoes and went straight up stairs into my room and dropped my bag beside the door once it was shut and locked. I walked over to my bed than turned and fell back onto my back on the bed that I forgot to make this morning. I curled up into a ball and closed my eyes. Drifting off into a restless sleep.

        I was running once again and my breath was coming out in small gasps. I looked up and saw someone standing there holding out their hand. I reached out my hand as I ran but tripped causing me to fall to the ground. I looked behind me and screamed as I saw red eyes staring down at me.

       I screamed while sitting up quickly and I heard a male scream with me. I blinked and looked around seeing I was in my room and it came to me that the male who screamed was my brother. I stood up with the wrinkled uniform hanging on me as I walked softly to my door and unlocked it. I turned the door handle opening my door enough to pop my head out and look around. As I saw no one else I opened the door more and tip toed to my brothers door and knocked softly. I heard rustling before I heard an answer. "Yeah?" I heard my brothers voice through the door yet it sounded shaky and not like him. "Are you okay I heard a scream." I said softly as the door open right after I said that. My eyes widened as when I saw him he looked the same but the air around him didn't seem the same. "I'm fine Tsuki don't worry." He said and I saw a ghost of a smirk on his face. My eyebrows furrowed and I felt my head nod. "Though I did hear you scream. So the question is are you okay?" He said/asked me with concern swimming in his eyes. Again I nodded but he frowned and pulled me into his room and into his arms. My eyes widened as my face was pressed against his chest. "Stop lying to me." He said against my hair. I nodded for the third time in those few seconds, and we just stood like that. 'Maybe we can put that fight behind us. . .' I thought and closed my eyes as my hands gripped my brothers shirt. "You can sleep in here for a little bit." I head him say softly not letting me go yet. "Okay Light." I replied softly back and he finally let me go and I went and laid down on his bed curling up how I used to when we were little. I fell into a dreamless sleep for the first time in weeks.

Light's pov


  "Go and sleep my little moon." I said with a smirk on my face. I heard a laugh behind me and I turned to see the shinigami still standing where he first appeared. His red eyes glowing in the dark staring at me. "Who are you?" I asked standing in front of my sister. "I am Ryuk and your the human that picked up my death note." He said back with a gruff voice and my eyes narrowed. "What does this death note do?" I asked even though I read the rules in front of it. "Whose ever name you write in it dies." The shinigami replied and laughed again. I looked down at the notebook and looked back at him. "I'm suppose to believe that a notebook is suppose to kill people?" I asked with doubt riding in voice. But it seemed he noticed and he nodded towards it. "Give it a try." He said and stood there as my curiosity got the better of me and I went and sat down in front of the book. I turned towards the news as I saw someone keep people hostage. I saw the name and face on the t.v. and quickly wrote down the mans name. Once I heard the mans name read and heard that he died of a heart attack a grin spread across my face. "Do you know what this means Ryuk?" I said while standing up the grin never leaving my face. He raised an eyebrow but didn't reply, but I didn't need him to. "With this notebook I can create an utopia were there is no criminals." I said with a laugh. "My my aren't you humans interesting." He said as he watched me be consumed with power and my sister slept not knowing what I was turning into.




     Hello my readers! Yes it is me and I am so sorry for not writing or updating any of my stories. But as a token of my apology I have written a chapter of a new story that I hope you will enjoy! Now have fun reading and tell me what you think so I can know if it's good or not! And L will be coming in later chapters!

     From yours truly ~ Luna Ookami             

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