Kisses for Christmas

[ Stories are always on Yellow]

A love for the season, a season for love.


1. December, 1st.


It was bright- blindingly bright- it pierced through me, shining sheet-white in my eyes. She lay asleep, still and sensitive, her breath easy and light. She was beautiful, her matte brown hair a drape over her whimsical patent face in the dim natural light. It had snowed, and the angle that coated the Earth clung heavily on tree-tops and obstacles. The garden was engulfed in a white sheet that cooled and soothed with ease. The air in the room swam cosily, the warmth comforting and welcoming, as we lay under pale bed sheets. She stirred suddenly and I brought my hand to stroke through her hair gently attempting to calm her waking body, "hey," she whispered sleepily, turning to face me with squinted eyes,

"go back to sleep babe, I'll wait right here,"

"it' fine, I'm awake now," she stretched herself throughout the bed, purring slightly in the process. She pecked me swiftly on the cheek before nuzzling back into my breast, "I love you," I said slowly, looking down at her pretty head,

"I know. I love you too," she closed her eyes again and pulled the duvet back over her face, hiding her smiling expression. My phone buzzed startlingly on the bedside table, notifying me that someone who was not here yearned for my attention, "one second," I kissed her forehead and slipped from the bed, grabbing my phone along the way.

It was my best friend Casey and as I switched on the receiver I automatically heard loud, heavy music blaring in the background, "yo, buddy. Where are you?" Casey yelled over the belting music,

"mate, listen. Hey, could you turn that down? Th-thanks," I stammered as the music lowered, "I'm at Layla's, why?"

"Hm, Layla's hey?" I knew from his tone of voice he had an eyebrow raised, "dude, you should totally head over here,"

"I can't. Listen, what did you want?"

"Dude! It's our party tonight remember, booze, babes and bouncing tunes! C'mon man," he was right, we had been planning this for months and I couldn't blow him off now...but Layla. "Okay, I-I'll be there," I turned the phone off before he could reply.



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