♡~❤️🌹Rose Water Academy🥀❤️♡

New school, new life , new crush? For a girl named korra who lives in the southern air temple with her sister jinora and her sister Asami obviously the challenges can't be that hard right right wrong here at Rose Water Academy you need to be the best you can be...

This story was on Wattpad a long time ago but it's on Movellas now and it's back on wattpad as well


2. Chapter① : welcome to 4 element’s island/rose water Academy️

Korra pov

"Come on korra your going to late for" school" my dad said

"Come on korra wake up" my little sister jinora said while throwing a pillow at me.

I woke up and hit my head on the back of the headboard "ow jinor" why did you hit me with a pillow?

"Because it's time to get up my other sister" Asami said.

"The boat  will pick us my in 30 minutes" jinor said 

I got up and took a bath and wash my teeth  and got my backpack and ate my breakfast.  And took a chewy granola bar in my bag and ran out. Of the southern air temple and hug my mom and dad.

Asami pov

You do know that this boat we are going on will be full of kids. "Right?! "Korra "she said

That's when she turned white as a sheep  korra hates  crowds

"Umm maybe be we should wait for the second boat" she said

"Don't be a scary cat"  I said 

I accidentally push her in the boat

She was about to fell when someone catch her.

"Are you okay Korra?" jinor said 

Korra pov

I was in someone arms  "be careful next time" he said

I looked up and I saw the cutest eyes ever I think there where Tangerine

"Hi I'm korra.... I'm sorry I bumped" "into you" I said

"My name is mako" he said "and it's okay" he said

We both shake hands and then let go

The boat stopped at the dock.

Welcome to 4 elements island/rose water Academy️  a man said

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