♡~❤️🌹Rose Water Academy🥀❤️♡

New school, new life , new crush? For a girl named korra who lives in the southern air temple with her sister jinora and her sister Asami obviously the challenges can't be that hard right right wrong here at Rose Water Academy you need to be the best you can be...

This story was on Wattpad a long time ago but it's on Movellas now and it's back on wattpad as well


3. Chapter ②: ❤️welcome to 4 elements island/rose water Academy️ part 2❤️

Korra pov

"Do the thing zhu li" a guy said A big bander. Came up on the dock saying "welcome new comers. To 4 element island" my name is Varrick

"Umm mako do you have any bothers" "and sister?" I said

"I have a bother named bolin  my mom" "and dad are dead" he said

"They were do you sleep and eat"!? I said

"My brother girlfriend house. "My mom and "dad died when  we were both little" he said

"I'm sorry for both of your lost" I said

It's okay  he said

Varrick  said "there will be an  Elementary school on this island"

So will the kids from 10 through 9 come over there on this white line jinora was holding my hand

"Korra I'm scared"... She said  l look down at her it going to be okay I said  jinora hugged her

"Okay if you say so sis" she said

She ran to where the other kids where

I sighed "it's hard to keep two sisters in line" "crap it's Tired"

"I know how you feel" mako said

Dose this island have dorms room by any chance?  I said to mako

"Well according to this map it does" he said

"Hey korra do you want a free map"? Asami said 

"No I'm okay I'm looking at mako's map" I said

"Here just take one" she said

Fine I said

The little kids when inside the school

And we walked into the school.

"okay everyone find your dorms rooms and get" settled in" Varrick said

"Well I will see you around Korra" mako said

"Umm see you soon mako" I said

Then he walked over to his brother I think he named was bolin and the girl next to him could be opal I thought.

I then walked away looking for my dorms room

Room B

I walked into the room wow is so pretty.

I wonder who my dorm room parter is I closed the door and looked out the window

And fell asleep

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