♡~❤️🌹Rose Water Academy🥀❤️♡

New school, new life , new crush? For a girl named korra who lives in the southern air temple with her sister jinora and her sister Asami obviously the challenges can't be that hard right right wrong here at Rose Water Academy you need to be the best you can be...

This story was on Wattpad a long time ago but it's on Movellas now and it's back on wattpad as well


4. Chapter 3: sick korra

Korra pov

I don't how long I was asleep but I looked at the moon oh no I slept through all my classes. I opened the door and tried to look for Asami

Sure my hair was a mess but I don't care 

Tried  to find Asami or maybe someone I know

Like that boy what was his name again I was thinking of mako wait what!?

I walked downstairs  the school was empty   The others kids where still asleep

The I heard a little girls voice "Korra" "jinora!?" I turned around "What are you doing in the kitchen"?

"I was hungry" jinora said

As she got some butter popcorn in a bag and got a bottle of coke "This is a cool kitchen" she said

"Yup" I said back to her

  "I already texted mom and dad that we are okay" I said I walked out of the kitchen and walked into the hallway and look for Asami.

Until I bumped in to someone "ow you must really like to bump in to people". I looked up it was mako "you  lost korra?"  he said holding a flashlight.

"No I'm not I was just going back to my room" I said  blushing like crazy my body feels weird then I fainted "Korra are you oka"---  mako's voice fainted away and I closed my eyes.

🔥~Mako pov~🔥

"Korra" I repeat again as I touching her hair   then I checked her heartbeat good it's still beating then I checked for a pulse it's still working to I breath a sigh of relief.   Then Korra little sister came "running to us is  "ane-chan" (big sister) "okay" she said. "When was the last time she eaten"?  "Around 6: 00am when we got" "here yesterday" she said back

"Of course she has not eating lunch and dinner yet or drink anything in the last 24 because she was sleepy".

I ran into the kitchen and got a bowl and put rice in it than I got her a Coke and ran back into the hallway.

"come on korra you need to eat" "somethings or drink something" I said

"You do know she out cold brother?" Bolin

"Just go get her other sister" I said

Bolin "find I'll will go" he said

And ran back to get her

I opened korra mouth a little than opened the bottle of coke and pour a little in her mouth.  Okay that doesn't work  oh well

I sighed a little "I can't believe I'm doing this" I drink a little bit of Coke of and kissed her mouth. I was blushing red

Her eyes had flashed opened then I stopped

"Then goodness you're a wake" I said

Asami pov

"Korra are you okay"? as ran to her side

"I'm fine I just fanited is all" she said

"Here's a bowl of chicken and rice" Mako said

"Thanks korra" said back blushing

I smirked at korra She blushes more 

"well I'm going to leave your two love birds" alone" I said and walked back to my dorm room.

mako pov

"You want to go watch Netflix"? Sure boiln said

"Umm bother I was taking to korra" I said back "to him but you can come to".  I said  to her.

The movie theater then have everything snacks popcorn and some sits here beds boiln said happy   "All ways think about your stomach" I said "well today is a free day then tomorrow we have to train"he said

Korra pov

"OMG this is the coolest movie theater ever   There's also a second movie theater that pretty cool this place is totally not like other schools" at all"

They were playing lady and the tramp  I just sat in the first row I was still a little dizzy but I rested my head on mako shoulder.

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