Scarlet Winters: the Most Dan....ops

"has the moon talked to you?" asks scar
she looks around the room of the clubhouse and some one talked
"yes he has, why?" she looked over and sure enough that white haired, icy blue eyed jerk was the one who said it.
*omg could this mean i"m not the only immortal here.*
"oh yea we talk all the time, Manny's a good friend, but what is strange when ever i talk about girls and love he leaves."

"must be because has gay and as a crush on you." i say making everyone but him laugh.


3. the jerk.

i get up and see a boy laughing on the ground of what looks like a parking lot that has more than cars parked there. i go up to him. he is tall with snow white hair, icey/baby blue eyes, in a blue frosted hoody and what looks like brown leggings, next ro him looks like the stick i used to help my brother. long with an arch at the top. he gets up, still laughing, and grabs his stick. "well well it little bo peep." i say. everyone around him bursts out laughing and he just gives me the dead stare. " hey Ar it your long lost sister. Kim posible" he said. " Really Jack!" says a girl in a blue dress and bold red hair that is wavy. "Jack is it." i say he nods. then i go all CIA on him. his head is in between my legs, his arms are locked behind him and hes on the ground. " my name is Scar and don't cross me." i let him go and as im walking away. i say, "and by the way im a Snowball fight champ, Jerk " then i walk towards the gates. just like a mansion it has the initals of the school on the gates. GH. above it is the schools,sign

Guardian High

Home to all

school for,Witches/Wizards. Prodigie's, Azidella's (Disney Characters), Savior's, and Pure's

then next to the gate is another sign. its more of a warning. 

this gate is magical. it will announce what you are when you walk through it. this will help guide you to where you belong. 

so i walk trough. the gates open for me. with my suitcase in hand and a new look and identity. 

" pure" it said and i walk to registration. 


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