What I always wanted to say..

The poem is to a competition. The poem is traded in winter, snow, and to love.


1. 1. Digt


I sat down and looking out.

The day started.

Waiting for her, even though I know she does not come.

She loves the snow and cold.

"It is beautiful"


I can imagine it.

At home, away from the window, she stood there.

She calls.

"Come, let us make a snowman."


Seeing her would brighten my day great.

Spending time with her would cause me to be calmer.

To believe in the same thing, it would make my life easier dressing.


Can imagine it.

She calls, with her dog beside.

It is white, with the most beautiful blue eyes like her.


The bare trees, got snow on it.

Behind them, one can see the morning sun.

Nature is beautiful in these days.


The snow falling so nice and quiet.

Each snowflake display their true beauty.


It was then, and now I'm standing here.

Although she has done some things, I see a plan.

We must not look back anymore.

We must look forward.

We expected a future.

We had our own plan.

What the world can offer, we can do it together.

"We do it together."


One thing we could not do together.

I let a rose on her grave.

"What I always wanted to say is from the day I met you, for now, to death and after it, and I'd love you".

From friend to the woman of my life.

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