Potential Story #1

Read a short paragraph that I wrote up and let me know if you'd like it to be a full story.


1. Shmrrrrrr

She approached the light with caution. She had no idea what it was, but she felt an indescribable urge to walk closer to it. She reached out towards it, curious. Her fingers just barely grazed the surface of the swirling, luminescent colors. As soon as her skin came in contact with the strange, beautiful light, the light glowed brighter by tenfold. The lights began to spiral around her, lifting her up in their hues. Her eyes opened wide with amazement at the light. She arched her back, frolicking in the colorful bliss. The colors washed over her, spreading a tingling shock throughout her body. Then she giggled. Taken aback by her giggle, she continued, allowing her laughter to ring out as she twirled in the riched illumination. She slowly began to drop down. She reached for the ground with her foot, hesitating just before she touched the ground with her toe. The lights faded as she set foot on the soft grass. She smiled in memory of the light and it's exhilarating feeling. She could still feel the energy that once swirled around her, now inside of her. She extended her arms, wishing to stay in blissful serenity.


Let me know in the comments below if this should be a full story! -SapphireOnyx

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