Albus Potter and the keeper of the flute of ravenclaw

Preslee Lilly Vinson is a young witch who is now the keeper of the flute of ravenclaw

Albus Potter is a young depressed wizard who's father defeated the deadly Lord Voldemort, crowd by fans and friends Albus still feels like something is wrong


4. The sorting hat

Once we are in the grand hall we walk up the aisles and we wait "When your name is called come up and take a seat," Professor Blythe says to the new students 

"Elenor Brown,"


"Cally Dickson,"


"Abigail Malfoy,"


"Preslee lily Vinson,"

When she walks up she looks scared she sits one the seat and I wait "Hmmm...tricky tricky Preslee lily Vinson so how's your father?"


"That poor man well hmmm...GRIFFINDOR!"

She walks down to the griffindor table and I want to be with her but I hope to be in griffindor "Wait wait wait not griffindor...RAVENCLAW!"

Everyone in the hall is shocked even the head mistress Professor McGonagall expect Preslee then Preslee moves to Ravenclaw table and sits there and looks at me

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