Albus Potter and the keeper of the flute of ravenclaw

Preslee Lilly Vinson is a young witch who is now the keeper of the flute of ravenclaw

Albus Potter is a young depressed wizard who's father defeated the deadly Lord Voldemort, crowd by fans and friends Albus still feels like something is wrong


3. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

When I get the train my father reminds me of what to do in a emergency he is scared that I am going to get hurt but I won't, I can't wait to meet Albus he sounds really well mannered in the letters than send me then I see him over with his parents and brother and sister I don't go over to him because he might not even recognise me it's his first time and it's mine too the train whistle blows and I run to get on and I get on I try to find a compartment but all of them are full "Hello come in here," I turn around and see Albus's older brother James calling me I walk to the compartment and I go in and say "Thank you,"

"What's your name?"


Then Albus gets up and comes and hugs me 

"I didn't know you were a witch,"

"Not a lot of people know,"

We ride the train to Hogwarts then we get off

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