A Winter's Day

*Asian Fanfiction Competition Winner* When the first snowfall happens, Levi heads to his favorite coffee house; the one where Eren happens to work.


1. A Winter's Day

“Eren, he’s about to walk in, talk to him. Get his number. Flirt with him. Do something!” Armin whispered/yelled to his coworker.

Levi, as the guy said his name was when they asked what to put on the coffee cup, walked in through the front door of Titan’s Café; a cold gust of winter wind blew in with him. Today was the first snowfall of the season, and it was freezing. Levi, a short, handsome guy who currently had a scarf covering half his face and his arms were folded over each other, probably to try and keep his hands warm, walked up to the counter and Eren went into the back and started to pretend to take inventory of everything; he might’ve actually been taking inventory, but Armin doubted it.

“Give me the hottest thing you have here,” Levi said, pulling down the scarf that was covering his mouth. “I don’t care what it is, I just want it,” he begged.

Armin smiled, “Alright sir, just give me a moment please.” Levi nodded and Armin put his match-making plan into action, one that he had been planning for a little while now. He was waiting for Levi to say something along the lines of what he had just said.

“Hey Eren, can I borrow you for a second?” Armin asked as he walked into the back and the taller boy pretended that he couldn’t hear him. “Eren, I’m borrowing you for a second,” Armin said sternly, heading towards him.

“Um, no?” The blonde boy didn’t like that answer, so him grabbed Eren by the shoulders and directed him to the front counter.

“Here you go, sir!” Armin exclaimed, pushing Eren forward.

“What the hell, Armin? I was just-.” That’s when he saw Levi, who was having a total ‘What the fuck?’ moment.

“The hottest thing in the café,” Armin continued, not missing a beat.

Eren felt like screaming, but he kept it buried inside.

Armin thought it was best to leave them alone, so he abandoned Eren in his time of need.

“You ordered the hottest thing here, right?” Eren asked and he raised an arm, awkwardly scratching the back of his head as he planned out his next words. “I’m sorry because… I can’t possibly give you yourself.”

The only thing going through Levi’s head at the moment were praises to the boy in front of him and the little blonde coconut. ‘Holy shit, this is exactly what I ordered. I want him for takeout please. How do I order twenty of him?’ but, of course, he said none of this aloud, even if it did feel like Cupid had just struck him in the heart with an arrow.

“I’d have to argue that point with you, but I think I’ll just settle for your number,” Levi responded with ease, causing Eren to both smile and blush.

“How about we just settle for me buying you a cup of coffee. My number written on the side will be a little bonus. So, what do you want?” Eren asked and Levi smiled a cheeky smile.

“Like I said, the hottest thing here.”



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