Half A Heart

How can someone be so heartless to humans they're supposed to love unconditionally, no matter what?


2. two

Ainsley's POV


As I walked threw the hallway of Borden High, I couldn't help but feel as if people where starring at me. They usually do, because of the fact I have twin boys that are less than a year old,and I'm only 17. But they're opinions don't matter, my boys are my everything. 

My first class was Math, I was okay at it. It for sure was not my favorite subject, but I can say Ms. Evans is my favorite teacher. She helped me through a lot while I was pregnant, after the boys were born, she came to the hospital to meet them and she helped me get the supplies I had needed at a cheaper price. 


"Ainsley!" Ms Evans said excitedly as I walked into her classroom. 

"Hello, Ms." I say with a smile. 

"How's the boys? Getting big, huh?" She coos.

"Extremely," I say, with a saddened look on my face.

"Has he been around?" She asks, referring to their father. 

"No, he has a career. I wouldn't want to burden him with the responsibilities of being a father," I say harshly. "He's hasn't called, e-mailed, or tried to get a hold of me in any way." 

"But your boys will still grow up knowing how much you love them," She said, and with that the school bell rang and students came piling into her class.


I sat down in my seat that I had from last year and watched the students fly in. Some of my old friends, and some new students as well, new but they looked familiar. But I didn't really care to pay attention to any of them. The girls in my class seemed to be going head over heels crazy for the 2 boys that walked in. 


"You two must be Niall and Liam." Ms. Evans said. Where had I heard their names from before?

"Yes, that's us." The blonde, Irish boy said smiling, he looked across the room until his gaze met mine. He smiled but then looked concerned to see me. His gaze dropped then they took their seats behind me. 

"Well, welcome back class. I hope you all had a nice, long well needed spring break." She smiles, "Everyone please, take out your textbooks and turn to page 307, Niall and Liam I will be with you two in just a moment.





The bell rang, I luckily have a second period spare this semester, so I can do what I'd like from now until the end of lunch. I'll usually go to the day care at this time to see the boys. But today I decided not to. Instead I walked to my locker to grab my lunch then headed to the cafeteria. 


"Ains!" I heard my friend, Emily yell. 

"Hey, Em!" I say happily. "How was your break?"

"It was good! My mom and I went to Cuba!" She says happily. "How are the boys?"

"They're good! Getting big." I say with a smile. 

"Emily! Get to class!" The principal, Mr. Tamasi yelled. 

"I guess I gotta go," She says. "See you at lunch?" 

"For sure," I say then she leaves. 


I continue to head to the cafeteria, passing by students trying to skip their classes. When I got to the cafe, it was packed full of female students all surrounding a table. I stepped threw the large crowd trying to get to my usual table at the back of the room, but somehow I ended up at the table they were all surrounding, and that's when I froze. 


I couldn't believe my eyes, I didn't want to believe. But there he sat, the same long hair, the same green eyes and cheeky smile. He even still sits the same. Here, sitting in front of me is someone I hoped I'd never have to see again. 


He looked right at me until I turned and ran, pushing threw the crowd again. I didn't stop, nor did I look back. I kept running down the hallway and up the stairs to the second floor, determined to find what class Emily was in. My heart was racing and my legs were already passed tired before I finally found her class. I didn't hesitate to open the door, bursting in interrupting her class.


"Ms. Abernathy, this better be important!" Mr. Summer said to me, tears running down my cheeks. Emily looked at my concerned. 

"Ainsley?" She questioned my presence in her classroom. 

"H-he's back." I stutter, she looked at me confused.

"What?" She asks.

"Their dad? He's back." I say, then add "Harry's back." 

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