Half A Heart

How can someone be so heartless to humans they're supposed to love unconditionally, no matter what?


3. three

Ainsley's POV


"Harry's back." I say and her eyes widened, she turned back to look at her teacher and he nodded, he must have figured it was important, because he never lets a student leave in the middle of a lesson. Emily fallowed me into the hallway, I was still so upset.

"He's back?" She asks as I face her, I nod and she frowns, pulling me into a hug. "Where did you see him?" She asks, rubbing my back. 

"The cafe," I say quietly. "He looked right at me." I cry. 

"Shhhh," Emily coos, "It'll be okay, why don't you call your mum?" She asks. "Go home for the rest of the afternoon? Maybe pick up the boys early?" 


I shook my head, I knew I had to stay at school. I couldn't just run away because the father of my children is now attending the same high school as me. But I'm so upset, he left before they were even born so he could be a super star, and now he just comes back? With all his band mates? 


"No, I'll be okay." I say. 

"Are you sure? I can give you a ride home at lunch." 

"Yeah?" I say happily. "Okay, I'll call her." 


Emily walked back into her classroom as I pulled out my cell phone, dialing in my mothers cell number. my hand was shaking as I held the phone to my ear and waited for her to pick up her phone. But I didn't get an answer, so I tried again. 


"Yes, Ainsley?" She asked. 

"Mum, can I come home?" 

"What? Why? Jesus its the first day back and you cant handle 2 hours?" She joked. 

"Harry's here," I say sadly. 


"He's here, mum!" I yell and I hear her gasp threw the phone. "Please, mum. Em offered to drive me."

"Yes, you may. I'll be home in a while." 

"Okay, thank you." 

"You're welcome, I love you Ainsley." 

"I love you too mum." 


With that, I hung up the phone and put it back into my pocket and took a deep breath. I turned around to walk to my locker to retrieve my things when I was stopped by someone standing in front of me. I continued to just look at the shirt the person was wearing, because I already knew who was under the shirt.


"Hello, Ainsley." Harry says, I gulp. 

"Hi," I shot back then turned to walk the other way, but he fallowed.

"How are you?" He asks and I roll my eyes. 

"Why do you care?" I said rudely. 

"What do you mean?" 

"You left, Harry!" I yell. "You left, just to have your stupid music career." 

"My career is not stupid," He protests. "It pays well." 

"I don't care! You'd rather have your career and be famous then to watch your own children grow up, and that's sad, really sad." 

"But you see, that's why I came back!" He said happily and I laughed.

"Oh no, no way am I letting you come back into my life, and my sons' lives, just for you to leave again. You cant just leave before they're born and expect to come back a year later. It doesn't work that way, it may for other families, but not MY family." I say before walking away.

"Please, give me a chance?" 

"You had your chance, a year ago when I told you I was pregnant. You lost that chance when you decided music was more important. So no, until you prove to me that your actually ready to be their father, you can pretend you don't even have children." 



I hope you guys are liking my story! and I'm sorry if ainsley is being perceived as a rude person, but shes just looking out for the well-being of her boys. 

Thanks for reading!


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