21. your p.o.v

******9 months later*******

You woke up and it was new year's eve, You saw Harry next to you still fast asleep.

As you were rubbing you huge baby bump You felt something leak out of your vag, your water broke.

You started shaking Harry while you were in the biggest pain, "Harry wake up my water broke." Harry then opened an eye and saw your water did break.

Harry sat up really fast and got out of bed and put shorts and a tank top on, because he was only in boxers.

He then carried you out of bed, since you couldn't move an inch, he helped you stand up in front of your closet and he pulled out a dress for you and he put it over you slowly.

you let out a few groans and Harry picked you up and carried you to the car and he carefully placed you lying down in the back seat.

Harry quickly started the car and almost sped off he kept assuring with you if your okay, you felt so thankful that Harry came into your life in the first place and he cares so much about you.

When you guys got to the main road there was a hug traffic jam.
"We will get there in time, okay?" Harry said to you while looking at you in a calming face.
Since you were in so much pain and couldn't say anything back, you just nodded.

The traffic jam went on for over ten minutes, you low key knew you weren't gonna make it so you said to Harry between deep breaths.
"Harry pull over i'm having this baby now!"
Harry looked at you with a concerned face but he pulled over anyway.

when he hopped out of his seat, he yelled out to all the cars stuck in the jam.
"Can anyone deliver a baby here?" 
Then some older guy maybe in his forties came running to our car with a brief case and he said to Harry.
"Yes i can, my name is Tim and i am a highly qualified nurse and i was actually just on my way to work."
"Thanks so this is my girlfriend and she is having a baby and in this rate we can't make it to the hospital." Harry said to him as he was holding your hand.

Tim was helping you push the baby out and then it came out, a little baby girl came out, Tim cut the ombilicle chord off and handed her to you.

You looked over to Harry as you were holding her and he was in tears, you then passed her over to Harry to hold and he held his arms out.

"thanks so much tim, how much do we owe you?" Harry asked him as he was holding our baby girl.
"It's on the house." he said to us and left.

Harry helped you sit back up in the seat and you was holding our baby.
"What are we gonna call her, Harry?"  you said looking deep into her eyes.
"I don't know," Harry said to you "What about Sophie?" 
"I love that name," you said almost in tears " our little Sophie." 
"We have to stay up till 12AM tonight with sophie." Harry said to you looking in the rear view mirror.

When you guys got back home after going shopping for sophie it was 6PM and you decided to squish a nap in your schedule.

At 11:50pm Harry woke you up for the count down, as you were getting up you saw Harry cradling Sophie in his arms.

It was time for the ten second count down.
" 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR" Harry was saying the count down as it went along and when it was 12AM Harry kissed you tenderly and your lips were moving in sync with his.

Then he put Sophie down on the bed and  pulled a little box out of his pocket and got on one knee and looked in my eyes and said.
"Ariana James, Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me." 
"YES HARRY I WILL!" you said squealing.

Then you thought to yourself all of this would of never happened if you guys weren't roommates.

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