20. your p.o.v

The next morning you didnt even remember falling asleep last night, but you fell asleep on Harry's chest again, it just made you feel so safe when you dug your face into his neck on his chest.

As you were thinking about last night you suddenly got really hungry so you got up to get a snack but on your way to the Pantry you ran into the bathroom and you vomited into the toilet.

"Harry!" you yelled while you were vomiting.
"yes!" he said as he was walking to the bathroom then he saw you and ran up to you.
"i need help." you said as you were still leaning over the toilet.
"Ari, what's wrong" Harry said sounding really concerned
"i don't know," you said as you were about to cry "but my period is late too." 
"you don't think.." Harry said looking scared but confused at the same time. 
"no oh my god." you said starting to actually cry.
"we didn't use protection last night..." Harry said to you

You got Harry to drive you to the convenience store to pick up a pregnancy test.

you went up to the register and gave it to the lady to scan, when it was scanned the price was $26 but even if that is expensive it was worth it.

You guys got back home and you opened the pregnancy test and read the directions, it said to pee on the stick, so you did.

You then Had a look, you were pregnant.
"HARRY IM PREGNANT" you yelled while looking at the stick
"OMG YAY IM GONNA BE A DAD!" Harry yelled while kissing you tenderly.

After finding out you were pregnant everything changed.
You felt really delicate, sick and most of all hungry.

"Harry." you said while in pain because you were so hungry while lying on the bed.
"yeah babe?" he said while having peanut butter toast, when you saw the toast you sat up with power.

"Harry, bring me the jar…" you said while having the biggest craving for peanut butter because you saw Harry eating it.
"Okay babe just make sure you don't eat to much."  Harry said as he was rummaging through the pantry for the full jar.

When Harry brought it out to you, you practically snatched it off him and gave him a tender kiss.

You were trying to open with all your strength but you couldn't open it, Harry stood their chuckling because you looked so desperate for it to open

He then took it from you and opened it himself and you took Harry's butter knife off him and dug out the biggest clump of peanut butter you have seen, and you shoved it into your mouth and sighed with relief.

"That's what i needed." you said to yourself.
Harry just stood there smirking and giggling.

After a while you got up and went to your phone, you decided to call alexa, so you soaked her number and she picked up
A: hey are you okay
you: yeah i'm okay so is Harry
A: that's good.
you: yeah, Anyway i have news for you..."
A: yeah you can tell me anything.
you: okay so me and Harry had unprotected sex by accident and now i'm pregnant.
A: omg ari that's amazing, but i always thought you were a good girl.
you: so did i.
A: also i'm sorry with your dad, you aunty told me, you will be okay he did it to help you.
you: Thanks al, i love you
A: i have to go sorry, bye
you: byeee

Alexa then hung up the phone and you went to lay down to have some rest.

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