19. your p.o.v

You and Harry stayed your last night at the hospital now you could go home.

The hospital had called you a cab and it came after ten minutes You guys slowly hopped in the car, you had scars all over your back from the car glass splitting your skin, it made you feel insecure but Harry didn't seem to care.

You could tell Harry was relieved that your dad saved his life.
"your like really happy aren't you Harry?" you said while chuckling.
"well why wouldn't i be i survived so now i can spend my life with you." he said as he kissed your cheek.

When you guys got back to you apartment you went inside and flopped down on your bed "fuck i missed this." you whispered to yourself.

Then Harry flopped on your bed on top of you, and he whispered in you ear
" i bet you have missed something even more, something that you can't do in public." you knew he was implying he wanted to make love, you know you and Harry have made love before but you wanted this time to be extra special but you don't want Harry thinking you only want it to be special because you both could've died, but you wanted him to know you were his.

you giggled as he placed his soft lips over yours. you loved it when he kissed you. 
Sparks went flying. you brushed your fingers through his soft curly hair as his hands moved themselves up your shirt. you felt him press his hands on you breast as you wrapped your hands over his neck, deepening the kiss even more now.

Harry then tugged on your shorts and pulled them off followed by your panties, he threw them carelessly on the ground you then took his skinny jeans off and you made sure your lips didn't leave his.

When you guys were completely naked, Harry started to thrust into you slowly, as he kept going you felt more pleasure.

Your fingernails were literally digging into his back as he climaxed in you, you actually liked the feel of it, it was warm and you now knew Harry is and always will be yours.

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