18. your p.o.v

When you woke up from being unconscious you saw a mother with a baby in her hands looking so happy she was crying happy tears you were wondering why she couldn't see you.

Then it disappeared and you saw another image this time it was a little girl and her mother looking like she was dying in a hospital bed.

You started thinking to yourself why your were seeing images of this girl, then it hit you, it was you, the little girl was you.

was this it was your life flashing before your eyes, did you die already?

You then had a bit off a shock and found your self in a hospital bed.

You had abit of a panic attack, you were confused about why you were here, you tried to get up but a doctor stopped you.

The doctor grabbed your shoulder and pushed you back down into the bed softly.

You still looked really confused, "It's okay Ariana, your okay, i'll tell you what happened okay? So you got into a major car crash on a main road and you have been in a coma for 3 days, the impact of the truck that hit you, hit your head first which knocked you out." the doctor said that to you while trying to calm you down.

"W-Where's Harry-y?" you said as you were stuttering.
"Look to your left." the doctor said as he was signalling his eyes at Harry.

You slowly turned around to look to your left you were shaking so bad.
Harry was lying in a bed next to you, "Harry is still in his coma, to be honest we are not sure when and if he will wake up, the way his damage looks it seems he tried blocking you from the bus hitting and hurting you for him to live he needs over 5 pints of blood." the doctor said to you reading off a clipboard.

You suddenly broke into tears seeing Harry with all those chords connected to him.

Then all of a sudden you hear running foot steps coming to your room, then someone barged it.

It was your dad, "Ari oh my god are you okay?!?! i came all the way down to see myself if you are okay." he said to you while looking like he was about to break down.
"I'm okay dad, But Harry isn't he is a coma and needs more than 5 pints blood through his veins to live." you said with tears in your eyes.

Before your dad or you could say something the doctor helped you into a wheelchair to have some more tests and your dad couldn't come.

When you got to the tests room you felt a bit weird you have almost never been in a room like this.

They got out a needle and put it in your arm for a small blood test, it hurt you abit when it was sucking the blood but when it got pulled out it felt relieving somehow.

You were in the tests room for almost two hours, when it was done the doctor wheeled you back into the room you were staying.

You saw Harry sitting up looking all perfect and fine, you thought your mind was playing tricks on you but it wasn't.

A doctor then gave you a note and it said,

~Dear my sweetie Ari
I hope your happy to see Harry all well again.
i wish i get to see happy you are.
Harry is better now because i gave him my blood.
Apparently we both have blood type AB.
i knew i wouldn't survive if i made this sacrifice but Harry has been there for you, for everything and i couldn't do that.
So i wrote this note for you, I love you and always will baby so stay strong.
i am with mummy now, we will always watch over you xx
from daddy~

reading the note made you burst into tears again but it was Happy tears for Harry so you wheeled yourself over to him and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

He was also crying "Your dad saved my life…" Harry said to you wiping away his tears.
"Yeah, he really must of liked you Harry" you said to him doing the same thing, wiping tears away.

You decided to keep the note forever and use it for a good luck charm.

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