17. your p.o.v

ot long after you heard someone banging on your car window, you had a look and it was Harry.
You opened the door, "I thought you were being held hostage or some other shit." you said to him, Before you could say anything else Harry quickly jumped over you, and sat in the passenger seat, "DRIVE!" Harry said, So you pressed your Foot on the accelerator pedal and you guys sped off.

Harry had a worried look on his face as you were driving, "Harry what the fuck is going on?" you said to him trying to corner eye look at him.

"My old 'friend'," he emphasised when he said friend "wanted to get his revenge on me and my friends since we apparently ruined his life, but when he went to get another knife we all escaped." Harry said to me while holding my hand.

"you need to tell the police babe!" you said to him.
"No let's just leave it alone, Don't make it worse." he said to you with a smirk.

On the way home you gave Harry your phone, "Babe, Can you text Alexa telling her she can go home." you said to him while rubbing his hand.

"Is this okay?" Harry said and he showed you what he wrote

To: Alexa
From: Ariana
Everything is okay now, you can go home lol.

You kissed Harry on the cheek tenderly, "Hang on one minute." you said pulling the car over into the help lane.

When you pulled over, Harry knew exactly why you did so he started, He kissed you tenderly and your tongues met straight away.

Harry slipped his hands down your top into your and fiddled with your boobs for a while.

You put your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, As Harry was trying to take your top off you said to him between kisses "We can't do this three nights in a row, Harry!" he actually nodded his head in agreement.

So you kissed him tenderly one more time and started the car again, first you looked in your rear view mirror to see if there were cars behind you and there was none.

You pulled out of the space you were in and started driving, but out of no where this huge bus, swings around the corner facing the wrong was so it was coming straight at you and it hits you and Harry.

You were knocked unconscious.

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