14. your p.o.v

 chap. 14

The next morning you couldnt believe you did "it" two nights in a row!
Harry was combing your hair with his hand while he was on his phone, it looked like he was texting someone.
" who are you texting, Harry?" you said to him while looking into his deep green eyes.
"my high school friend, did you wanna go to a party in two hours?" he said still combing your hair.
"a party this early?" you said looking confused.
"check the time." Harry said laughing.

It was 7pm, you slept for ages, maybe what you did last night made you very tired.
You decided to get up and look what you had in your closet.
For the party you chose to wear a black and white striped t-shirt, a pair of white skinny jeans and adidas superstars.
You put your hair up half up and half down with  a messy bun on the top with your hair out on the bottom.
You went out into the lounge to wait for Harry but he was already done.
He was wearing a white rolling stones t-shirt,black skinny jeans and brown 'cowboy' boots.
"shall we?" Harry asked you while putting his elbow out for you to hold on to.
"we shall" you gripped onto his elbow.

You guys got into Harry's car and he kissed you, every time you kissed him you felt sparks fly.

when you got to the driveway of Harry's friends house you got out of the car and grasped harry's hand and you held it until you walked to the door.

You found it suspicious there was no one inside,  As Harry knocked on the door you noticed your shoe laces were untied so you lent down and tied them just before the step where you can see the door.

When you were done tying your shoe lae you stood back up and went to the door, you couldn't see Harry, and there was no one inside as you could see.
You then look in the top window and saw all these people but then as you thought the party was up there you saw someone enter that room with a knife.

"Omg Harry's in danger," you whispered to yourself " I have to help him."

You texted one of your friends from home, Her name is Alexa.

To: Alexa
From: Ariana
Hey i haven't seen you in ages, i need a favour.
My boyfriend is in trouble, i think he is being held hostage.
I texted YOU because i remember you did detective training for 3 years.
i'm at 57 treasures hill, please come i'll be in a black car.
Air x

You got a reply back after almost ten minutes of waiting in the car

To: Ariana
From: Alexa 
yep:) be there soon x

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