12. your p.o.v

When you got in to the car Harry kept smirking at you, "what?" you said with a smile "oh nothing your just so.... beautiful, did you know that?" you chuckled as he said that and shook your head.

In no time you were at the Zoo, you both got out of the car and walked to the entrance, as you got your tickets and walked in Harry grasped your hand and held it tight like he was nervous or something.

Harry got a map and showed and asked you where you wanted to go first, "elephants!" you yelled and he chuckled and held your hand on the way to the elephant enclosure.

When you guys were at the elephants the were squirting their water out their trunks, untill it hit you, you were all soaking wet, then Harry yelled with a smirk and a wink "Hey buddy, only i can get her wet" it made you blush and laugh, then you looked at him for a good 5 seconds, and then you gave him a really long and passionate kiss and you guys decided to go home early.


when you guys were walking through the hallway to get to your room you were talking

"you are very beautiful." harry said to you looking you in the eyes, his eyes are so beautiful.

"thanks, i really love you Harry." you said blushing

"i love you to Ariana." he said to you smirking.

Harry then pushed you onto the door and started making out with you passionaely, as you let a moan on hHarrys lips, he smirked against your lips you could feel it.

Harry finally decided to open the door instead of making out outside the room for everyone to see, when you guys got inside Harry picked you up as he was making out with you and you wrapped your legs around his waist making the kiss deepen, it made you feel great.

While you guys were making out Harry kept releasing moans against your lips, "i'm getting hard" Harry whispered into your ear, "show me then!" you said with a chuckle while Harry's hands were running through his hair , then he lowered you onto his crotch, it really was hard.

Harry lowered you onto the bed and he took his shirt off, and you took off his skinny jeans following with his boxers then with his lips still on yours he took off your shirt and undid your bra, then he tugged on your skirt, "no stop, i have my period." you said as you flinched to his touch "dammit ari!" he said as he chuckled, you guys fooled around for abit by teasing eachother.

After about an hour of making out and fooling around Harry sat on a chair and you looked over at him and smirked with an eyebrow lift, he looked confused.

So you started walking towards him in a sexy walk, and you did a little stripper dance in front of him, then you leant over almost touching the ground so Harry could see your black lace victoria secret panties, "fuck" Harry whispered gently in a sigh while running his hands through his hair.

After the dance you sat on his lap and swirved around in circles on his lap with your back facing him "fuck" he said it again in the same tone, you felt him getting hard underneath you.

You then got off his bare lap and got on your knees and made his penis enter you and you sucked while watching his reaction on his face it was a turn on, he swung his head back on the chair and squinted his eyes closed and swore again, he was quite the swearer,Mr Harry Styles here.

when you were done with the 'lap dance' you and Harry made out again this time in the bed, After a while you guys got tired so you stopped and you laid your head on Harry's bare chest and fell asleep in that position.

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