11. your p.o.v


 The next morning, you woke up on Harrys chest feeling amazing, last night was the best night of your life.

As you were sitting up on the bed Harry grabbed your waist and pulled you back down and whispered in your ear, "Hey, how was last night for you? it was amazing for me."  you chuckled and said "best night of my life." Harry kissed your neck multiple times, " so what are we going to do today?" i said to harry while looking in his adorable green eyes, "The Zoo, we are going to the zoo!" harry said really excitedly.


When you were getting changed, you couldn't help but stare and smirk at Harry, you could tell he noticed so he smirked back.

It was an hour drive, and Harry is driving, "so why did you wanna go to the zoo?" you couldn't help but ask Harry, "Because when i was little i used to always go to the zoo and i haven't been in ages, and we also acted like animals last night, if you know what i mean?" Harry said with a smirk because he knew he had gotten away with saying that.



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