10. your p.o.v


you saw a drawing, a drawing harry drew of you guys getting married, you started to blush until you heard the front door open, it was harry!

you quickly dropped his diary and rolled under his bed before he entered the house, as you were hiding under his bed harry's was calling your name, when he walked in the room and saw his diary open he dropped the stuff and cursed "oh fuck!", and grabbed your wrist and pulled you out "it's not good to snoop hun" he said looking you in the eye then you just said it "why did you draw that picture?", Harry coughed and said while turning red "umm i was bored?" then you gave an eyebrow raise and said "yeah rig-" before you could finish he kissed you passionately but this time you didn't want him to stop and get off so you kissed him back and he picked you up and wrapped your legs around his waist but you stopped and said

"bad boys don't keep diaries though"

he chuckled and kept kissing you and then he lay you on the bed still kissing you but then he got off and took off his shirt and he took off yours too, then he went back to kissing you and you pushed him off softly so you could take off your shorts and you did so and took off his too.

Was this it were you going to go against your dad's rules and have sex and lose your virginity.

"are you ready?" harry asked you running off breath and you nodded.

first harry stuck his fingers in your vag to tease you, "GIVE IT TO ME NOW HARRY" you screamed between moans, he chuckled and said "baby steps" in a playful way.

after a while of baby steps harry put on a condon and you got to the better part so harry inserted you with his erected penis and started thrusting and he asked you "wanna go faster?" you nodded, "we can't it's not a ride… or is it?" when harry said that it mad you smirk as he went faster and faster, you still couldn't believe your doing this and it feels so right to you, you knew you couldn't stand him but you thought it was cute how he kept trying to impress you.

"i'm gonna cum baby" harry whispered in your ear and you told him "go ahead" so he pulled out and released then had to replace the condom but before he put it on, you sat and stopped him and got off the bed onto your knees and sucked his long hairy dick.


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