9. your p.o.v

in Harry's bedroom you saw him having sex with some blonde chic you were so disgusted by it you ran out of the room while they look surprised you could hear them but that didn't stop them.


Harry's a player, how did i not see this, i'm so dumb!



You ran to your room and sat on your bed but lucky you found this out before you completely fell for him, you were so pissed at him, so pissed that you took off your necklace he gave you and put it in the bin as you were sitting on your bed on the edge of crying you heard the front door close, so you opened your door and stared at Harry while he closed he door then as soon as the door closed you yelled "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING YOUR SUCH A FUCKBOY UGH I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!" then Harry sighed and said "look this is gonna sound stupid but i'e been fucking other girls for cash to pay off your necklace because $1897 doesnt come from a tree does it, so dont be mad please" when harry finished saying that you were so mad but also you were laughing because it was so stupid, then he gave you a big hug and for some reason it made you feel more calm, "where is that necklace anyway?" Harry said looking puzzled, "oh um its in my room, yeah ill get it." you said going red so you grabbed it out of the bin and Harry out it on you again and he kissed your neck.




 About an hour later Harry told you he's gonna pick up lunch and you trusted him on his word, and when he was gone you decided to snoop his room you just felt the urge, so when you were in his room you first looked through the drawers it was only clothes, then you looked in his bedside cupboard and found his diary it said don't open,but you did anyway then on the first few pages he wrote about his sex life untill on page ten you gasped because you saw-



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