8. your p.o.v

you saw a little white Tiffany's box and a little envelope with a note on it, you opened it and it said

Ariana, i'm so sorry about the car incident i know you probably hate me but i still got this for you x -Harry.


After you read the note you put it down and opened the box, inside the box was a diamond necklace, you though it was beautiful but then *CRASH* you heard this big bang from behind you so you turned around and it was Harry he knocked over your stool while watching you open the box then he walked up to you and put the necklace on you since he saw you stuggling as he was doing that you felt him grinding against you, but to be honest you didnt really care.




the next day you woke up and got out of bed since you heard banging repeatedly on the wall it was louder then the bathroom incident, so first you walked into the lounge room and it sounded quieter in there, so you went into the bathroom and it went even quieter so you went into your room again and it was coming from Harry's room so you walked over to his door and opened the door knob slowly then pushed the door open, but then you saw something worse then him in the bath you saw--

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