6. your p.o.v

"omg its dad"

it was your dad he pulled harry out and slapped him, you could hear harry asking who he was then your dad dropped him and opened your door "are you okay" he said and you nodded, "dad, how did you know i was here?" you asked him and he said with a chuckle "dont worry but look i have to go sorry if he does anything to you just use the pepper spray, love you" you had totally forgot about the pepper spray.



when harry got back in the car he said "i'm so sorry i know you don't like this kind of stuff..." you sat there looking angry as ever then the car made another weird noise and harry attempted to start it and it worked!
 then you guys started to drive away, about 5 mins after you guys started the car you started laughing and harry looked over at  you and raised his eyebrow.


you were laughing because of harry's apology he actually was serious for once, "why are you laughing?" harry said to you "you sounded so serious when you apologised" you said to him he scoffed.


when you guys got back to the room you decided to take a long shower , you always sin in the shower so you were singing your fav song 'all of me' it reminded you of home and how much you missed mum, when you got out of the shower you looked on your bed and saw-

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