5. your p.o.v

about an hour after the bathroom incident Harry walked in your room he was still in his towel even though he got out of his bath ages ago!

he said to you with a naughty smirk "its not a bad thing you saw me naked" then you looked at him with a very serious face and he just smirked, then you stood up off your desk chair and said "look harry, we are friends and just because we live together doesn't mean we sleep together, okay?" harry widened his eyes as you kept going on then you sat down and released a sigh of relief.


At 7pm you fell asleep but harry woke you up and put a blindfold over your eyes "Harry what the fuck are we doing?" he chuckled and directed you to his car he sat u down and what felt like forever was actually like 25 mins and u were there he directed u inside sat u on a chair and took the blind fold off and you gasped, you were at the most expensive resturant in u.s.a, "you can order anything you want, i just felt so bad from before for assuming things." harry said looking really upset, you said back while looking straight in his eyes "its okay i think i overeacted its my fault.."


'no its not' harry said back to you and then a waiter came to you, "hello, what would you like?" you guys placed your order and the food came in no time.


after you guys left you hopped in the car you were so full then harry started the car and down the middle of the highway the car started making weird noises so harry pulled over and jumped out of the car and opened the bonettte and it was a gas leak so harry sat back in the car and since you both forgot your phones you would be stuck so you guys decided to stay the night in the car until its bright again so you can find someone to help.


you were terrified in case  harry would try something on you, 'has anyone told you that you have beautiful blue eyes?" harry said in a flirtatious tone, you just chuckled.

then harry lent over and kissed you passionately then when he released he said "i'm sorry i have just been dying to do that!!!" you just kissed him back you could help yourself he was so sexy and you knew somewhere in your heart you liked him, as you were making out harry took your jacket off then you took your lips off him and said "i cant do this harry so stop" harry didnt care he kept kissing your neck and touching you boobs "HARRY STOP!!" he didn't stop then you saw a rise in his pants and he shoved his hand in your bra and played with your boobs "HARRY IF U ACTUALLY LIKE ME YOU'LL STOP" you were basically crying then harry's door opened you thought it was him getting off but a hand grabbed him and pulled him out of the car you looked through the window you whispered to your self saying "omg its-"




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