3. your p.o.v

The next morning when you woke up you couldnt believe you had already been here for 5 days!

Then you heard a thump in the bathroom you know it cant be Harry since you always get up before him, You picked up your hair brush since it was the closest thing near you, so you walked over to the bathroom door in an about to attack positiion and kicked open the door and as soon as you kicked the door you lowered your shoulders since all you saw Harry in the bath and it was nothing to be scared of.


You realised seeing harry in the bath was kinda cute but you couldnt give in because you promised yourself no sex until after marriage, you were a good girl like that but harry was like a bad guy he had lost his virginity at 14 he had told you that.


After you finally stopped staring at harry you walked to the sink because you had to do you make-up "i'll just take my make-up and do it in my room." you said while walking out the door, "nah, you need a mirror so just do it in here, i dont mind we are like best friends anyway." so you turned around and did ur makeup while Harry waitched you.

"why do girls like you even wear makeup? your prettier without it." harry said while looking at you, you blushed "ummmm i dont know to be honest but im not pretty." you said

"yes you are!" harry said while slamming his fist in the bath water splashing it on his face, you laughed.


then when you were packing up your make up you slipped on some of the water he splashed and fell into the bath with him!

"oh my fucking god, Harry im so sorry!!!" you said while quickly getting out, he just laughed.

then you walked out 0f the bathroom and face palmed yourself, and harry yelled "its okay!"  you chuckled

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