2. your p.o.v

After hearing harrys accent you think its the cutest voice you've ever heard so you blush he was one of the cutest guys too, he had the most beautiful long curly hair, he had lots of tattoos and i mean lots looks like he has 50.
After harry got changed he said to you while sitting on his bed "sorry the way we introduced ourselves was a-bit crazy" you laughed and nodded.
"So what do you like to do in your free time?" He asked you while looking down moving his feet, "ummm i guess i like to listen to music," he look up and smirked as you said that.


Since it was summer break you had everyday in the dorm for 2 months staying there, after about an hour harry came up to behind you and scared you while you had your earphones in,  "Gesus Fucking Christ Harry!" You yelled and he just chuckled and took your headphones and said "lets go get dinner, taco bell?" You stood up and nodded and chrcked yourself in the mirror and grabbed your bag and you guys left.



When you got back you got changed and harry walked in when you were in your bra he blushed and turned around " you left your bag in my car by the way ill go get it" harry said while covering his eyes while trying to get through the door you laughed at him failing to get through the door with his eyes covered

you were extremely happy that you and harry are now really close.

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