1. your p.o.v

you wake up to the sound of your alarm at 6am and you get up to get ready to start your big day, today you are moving into your new college dorms and your excited  especially to meet your roommate.

While your packing your bags your dad comes in your room, "sweetheart, i'm so happy for you, you got accepted, i have a present for you your mum wanted to give it to you for this day."

he handed you a long blue leather box and when you open it you find a beautiful necklace

"thanks daddy" you got up and gave him a huge hug.

then when he left you got back to packing an you packed you shirts, jean and basically everything, then you picked up a photo it was a picture of you, your mum and your dad and the ski hill, your mum died almost a month ago in a car accident and you still havent gotten used to the feeling of not having a mother.

At 9am you were all packed and everything and you and your dad got in the car with all your bags and your dad turned on the radio to listen to your all time favourite song 'all of me by John Legend'

then your dad turned the volume down abit and said "so what are you feeling?" you turn to face him and say "really nervous actually"

In no time you got to the college campus and it was huge and you gave your dad a huge hug and told him you'd visit once or twice a month

you grabbed your bags and walked to the community hall because that's where everyone met up then this lady said "Ariana James?" you nodded as she signalled you to follow her so you did and she said to you '' hey i'm one of the college advisers my name is crystal and i wanted to ask you if it would be okay if you shared a dorm with a guy since you were one of the last to sign up and it was an odd number?" you answered "yeah i guess i mean its better then being alone."

then Crystal smiled an showed you to your room and she gave you a key so you walked in and set up your bed first thinking that no one else was in the room then after you made your bed, a very tall guy walked out of the bathroom naked and you chucked him his towel.

then you introduced yourself while covering your eyes "hi, i'm Ariana James, and i'm your roommate." 

then he smiled and said "nice to meet you i'm Harry Styles"

he had the deepest voice you have EVER heard and such a strong accent.

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