The Second Chance

Monica is living one of the most exhausting and depressing life she can imagine in her seemingly peaceful suburban town, but when time freezes and she finds Wayne in the forest, it's up to her to change her life around and give herself a second chance before the world itself freezes up.


3. 3.0

I got down from my bike quietly in case I startled anyone from the neighborhood. I thought twice about driving my brother's second-hand range rover over to Jacob's place but thought otherwise. I didn't want to make such a big entrance and my brother might probably kill me for mishandling one of his prized possessions.

               I was about to knock on the oak front door when the door itself opened from the inside. Standing at the door frame was none other than my boyfriend, Jacob. His brown hair was wet from the shower and his broad figure blocked away the light coming from the inside of the house. His grey eyes were simply dazzling but I knew looks couldn't guarantee attitude.

              " Stop looking at me like I'm from another dimension, " said Jacob teasingly. I couldn't believe he had the nerves to crack up a joke.  I gave him the not impressed look and walked  into his house which like mine, was as big as farm houses you could see nowadays. The only thing that's different is that houses in his neighborhood have large basements and houses like mine have bigger backyards that face the forest. 

              " My parents took a day off, their spending the night at some place else," Jacob added while leaning on one of the hung ornaments in his house. Maybe this was his impression of cool but somehow it didn't flatter me like it use to. 

              " Why are you acting as if nothing happened?" I turned around swiftly so he would get the impression of how annoyed I was. 

              " Geez , Monica! I called you over so we could have a date and party up but if you're gonna take things seriously then where's the fun in that, " now it was Jacob's turn to give me the annoyed look.

             " So everything that happened to us was nothing serious?" I was close to tears right now, I guess that was my secret weapon, tears.

             " Come on, Monica! Do you have to freaking bring this up every freaking time!! You're making me go crazy!" Jacob was already halfway down the stairs to the basement, a.k.a. his room when he gave me the I-don't-know-how-to-deal-with-tears look.

            I wanted to talk back at him but no words came out from my mouth and I was left on the stairs, closing and opening my mouth like a fish. Jacob was still holding the basement door for me, reluctant and pissed I went in.

            His room was the same, band posters, football and track pictures, random clothes hanging on the sofa which we usually make out on when we're not fighting and an Xbox which evidently stands out because he places all his trophies and CDs there. There was one thing I liked about Jacob's room and it's because of how clean it was even though it was a boy's lair.

            I placed my purse on the sofa and took out my sweater, the cool evening air getting the best out of me. Jacob took a bottle of sparkling juice from his cupboard and poured a glass for me. It was like the bar, he always said that.

            " Doesn't this look like a bar ?" He smiled as if his joke was funny. Well , it was funny but I had other things on my mind. 

            " Can't we just talk about it?" I mumbled after a sip from the glass.The juice was obviously blackcurrant soda, way to go Jacob. 

             "Talk about what?" See, this was the reason I never talk about our relationship with Jacob, he acted as of he didn't know anything and it was very annoying. It was a moment of silence when I gave up, I stood up and grab my purse.

             " Wait, you're leaving ?" I could hear the regret in Jacob's voice but I tried my best to act as if I didn't care. 

             " There's no point in staying, if you're not gonna talk about it," I said plainly, and left.


             " So, Cass is in a mental breakdown right now and your relationship with Jacob is on thin ice. See Becca, that's why I tell you relationships these days don't last long anymore." said Trina, turning to face Rebecca with her hands out as if making a clear statement.

             " I didn't say I didn't believe you, Trina. It's just that I don't take these things too seriously nowadays." Rebecca explained while putting her arm around me.

               I was too busy opening my locker to give them any explanation about what happened with Jacob last night. 

             " Come on Monica! You can't keep us waiting at your locker all day!" cried Trina.

             I dialed the password another time, praying silently that the school's old locker facility will work and it sure did. I hurriedly took out my books from my locker and was surprised to see that my locker had something additional to it. There was a large size Starbucks mug that had my name written on it, I took it out carefully and was again surprised to see that it was my favorite caramel latte. I held the mug tightly and turned to face my two friends with a big smile plastered on my face.

           " I can't believe you guys snuck out of school to get me this, it's still warm!" I squeled loudly but all I got back was looks of confusion. 

          " We didn't get you that, Monica," said Rebecca 

          " ooooooo, mystery present, maybe it's from Cassie,maybe she got bored at home and thought about surprising us," Trina suggested. Trina was already looking through my cup of latte knowingly like some detective trying to solve crime. 

          " I don't think so," Rebecca, like me wasn't quite convinced with Trina's answer. " Cassie would have brought latte for all of us, Trina. "

         That's what I like about my friends, we all love latte even if it means it costs a bit extra. Now it was my turn to predict who gave me this mysterious gift. That's when a small tag fell off from the mug holder and caught our eye.

         " Must be a not from mystery person," exclaimed Trina while bending down to grab the tag. " It says here, to Monica, from Jacob,sorry for last NIGHT, Omg, Monica, you lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!"

        I hurriedly grabbed the tag from Trina and read the note a few times, incredulous of Jacob's actions, he must have some how cracked the password to my locker or someone must have told him. There was butterflies all over my stomach but my mind was filled with suspicions.  I could barely hold the mug nicely with all the books on my hands and the sudden jolt of excitement which was similar to the emotions you get when you receive a gift. Well, it was a gift after all.

       I shoved the mug back into my locker without a second glance and stroll off, leaving Rebecca and Trina to catch up with me.

      " You're not gonna drink that latte?" asked Rebecca after finally catching up with me. Rebecca despite her height was a slow runner, she even walks slow. 

     " Not in the mood to, I guess" I gave her a knowing shrug.

    " Well, it's gonna be a waste though if you don't drink it, Monica," said Trina. I would have liked my friends to have the latte but I knew they wouldn't keep it, they knew that it was for me. We finally reached the part of the hallway where we go our separate ways for class, I looked back at my friends with a look that said everything-is-gonna-be- fine, even though deep down inside me things were falling apart quicker than I expected. 

      The after school bell finally rang and all the tired students suddenly sprang back to life, discussing about after school plans and dates. I waited for my friends at the front door, with one of my hand clutching the latte Jacob bought. Maybe I could forgive him for not wanting to talk to me but I knew it wasn't gonna be that easy. 

     Trina was the first of the two to run out with papers sticking out from her bag. She sat down next to me on the bench, gasping for air.  Rebecca finally came out looking dazed and in need of a nap. The three of us chatted enthusiastically about plans to cheer up Cassie whose probably still crying over her ex, when two figures caught my eye. It was Jacob, hugging Patricia Howland from my homeroom class. 

      I was in deep shock and tears came to my eyes in an instant, I drop the latte on to the cement road. Both Trina and Rebecca saw what was happening and they quickly wrapped their arms around me and tried to hide everything away with their bodies. I felt betrayed, of course that was how I was suppose to feel but this was really the first time I had this kind of feelings. Trina hugged me even tighter until it was sort of suffocating and Rebecca suddenly let go. I looked up at her and there was fire in her eyes.

       " I'm gonna teach that punk a lesson for betraying my girl!" and with that said she marched off to the direction of Jacob and Patricia.

      " Wait, Becca, No!" my words came up in jumbles but I didn't care. I needed to stop Rebecca before something worse happens. "It's ok, I'm fine now," I added quietly. 

     " But I don't mind at all to finish him up for you, Monica," exclaimed Rebecca with her fist up. 

     I felt thankful to have friends like them, friends who stand up for me but I really didn't want them to get in trouble due to my problems , I'll just find a way to break up with Jacob that's all, I couldn't risk them for a jerk like him . And I knew if Cassie was here she would definitely do the same for me. 


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