The Second Chance

Monica is living one of the most exhausting and depressing life she can imagine in her seemingly peaceful suburban town, but when time freezes and she finds Wayne in the forest, it's up to her to change her life around and give herself a second chance before the world itself freezes up.


2. 2.0

               " Beep, beep...beep, beep..."

               Of all the other times of a day my phone had to ring NOW. I was in a really bad mood since I couldn't figure out what to wear for school and I just found out that I didn't finish my newspaper column that was due today. After randomly putting on my old sweatshirt and some old jeans, I hurriedly grabbed my neatly stacked pile of edited school news that were suppose to be printed in the school paper and my bag and rushed out the door.

              " O, hey,Monica! " I was so in a hurry that I didn't notice anyone at my front door. A few pieces of my papers slipped off my grip and the person who was standing at my door a minute ago quickly reached over to grab it. When the person stood up to hand me my papers, I was shocked to see that it was Jacob.

             " What are you doing here? I'm already running late for school," I eyed Jacob suspiciously and then added, " You should be at school by now,"

             " Didn't you receive my text from earlier?" now it was his turn to eye me suspiciously.

             " As you can see I was in a hurry and school is gonna start soon, so I think I don't have time for this..." I was in the middle of an explanation when Jacob walked over to his car and held the door open for me. I was so dumb to actually think that Jacob would walk over to my house and apologize for the fight we had a few  days ago.

             " Hop on, it'll be much faster," I was about to reject his offer but it seemed like I had no choice so I gathered my stuff and took my seat at the front, not giving him any eye contact. If Jacob thought by sending me to school , we can forget about the fight, he was WRONG. I tried my best to stand firm and thought about what Rebecca said about just giving up on this relationship and move on. I wish I was as strong as she was, I bet i'll probably fall back for Jacob if he said he was sincerely sorry and stuff.

              We got to school just in time before the bell rang. There was no conversations on the way to school and I figured maybe we both needed a time out. I had to run to the office to pass up the finish school newspaper. Final editing and touch ups always alternate between the school newspaper committee board. Since I had a column of my own, I normally do the touch ups twice a month. I got used to it really quick since writing wasn't a problem for me.

              I only had time to settle down and relax during break which was after four long periods of classes. I found my friends at our regular table in the canteen but there wasn't the usual exciting atmosphere that surrounded us. Today felt different, something was wrong, and if my calculations were correct, the atmosphere at our table was intense.

            I put my lunch bag in front of Trina and was shocked to see her arms were wrapped around Cassie who was sobbing hysterically. Cassie was the chatterbox in our clique and she rarely cried. I knew something was extremely wrong and didn't waste much time to find out why.

            " Dave broke up with Cass this morning.." said Rebecca and Trina nodded  as if on cue. Now it was my turn to wrap my arms around Cassie and ask her if she needed anything. Turns out Dave broke up with Cassie because he thinks that they're both not right for each other. Seeing Cassie this devastated made me wonder how I would react if Jacob and I broke up in the near future. 


             Cassie took Rebecca's car with me after school, Trina couldn't hang out with us because she had a trumpet rehearsal. We were quiet for some time and I couldn't think about anything to say to break the silence so I just focused on the scenery ahead.

             It wasn't much of a scenery, normal suburban town streets with trees and lamp poles. It wasn't much to offer but we all grew up here, in this place in the middle of nowhere where there are endless problems. Rebecca dropped me home first and like always I was greeted by the arguing voices of my parents.

              " There's another budget cut by end of this week and...."

              " Why don't you find......"

              " Can you just stop....."

              " Why don't you stop....."

              It was always like this, my mom, my dad, fighting over little things, it never stops and it has already been five years since they started fighting. Even though I wanted all of this to end and probably see my parents divorce to start over but deep down inside me I also want them to understand how my brother and I feel about all this and just be nicer to each other. Besides me and my brother, there's also one other person who stays at our place and can't stand our parents arguing, and that's Aunt Abby who often drops by and stays the night over after her trips.

              Aunt Abby was always on the run from her past, at least that's what she tells us but its really just her backpacking and travelling around the world to see different places and meet new people. My brother and I often tag along with her on her trips just to escape from our unpeaceful home.

             " I'm back"  I tried to talk really loudly so that my parents could sense my presence and stop arguing just for once and it did do the trick but it only lasted a few minutes before my father stomped off through the  back door and left me and my mom at the kitchen. It was awkward until mom broke the silence.

             " Your brother has a senior football match tomorrow so he can't pick you up after school," My mom was a pro at acting like nothing happened when to be honest a lot of things had and are happening.

             " Yea, sure. He told me last week, I'm going to be taking Rebecca's car home then," I waved back to mom as I walked up the stairs. " and I'll probably be staying over at Cassie's this weekend."

            " Yea, that's fine,"

             Our conversations these days  were really tense but I didn't had much time to think about it cause I needed tofinish my schoolwork and draft out my column for the school's paper and probably brainstorm some ways to make Cassie happy again. I walked limblessly to my room and was greeted by Mustard, our golden retriever which my brother brought back from his friend's place last year.

            " Hey,I can't walk you to the park today so just wait for Brian to come back ok?

            " Woof, woof" It was as if Mustard understood what I just said and gave me a quick respond.

            I went into my room and was about to close the door when suddenly Aunt Abby's high pitch voice stopped me.

            " Mooooonica," I hated the way she called my name and extended the 'o' part, it made her sound like a cow and that's also the reason why I never have Aunt Abby pick me up from school.

            " Yes?" I replied back.

            " I'm just letting you know that I found a place to stay and thought that it would be great to finally lift some burden off your parents, " It was definitely not great, not great at all. Who am I gonna find for professional life advice if Aunt Abby moves out and how am I gonna survive the battleground my parents set up. 

             " Yea...that's great but...erm..." of course I couldn't tell her how I felt. It'll be embarassing and I also wanted to show her I could accept change like a grown-up. 

             " But you can definitely come over and stay at my place, you know, whenever you want to, " Aunt Abby added while pointing at the kitchen where my parents have been fighting earlier. " Stay as long as you want but don't worry your parents too much," always the 'don't worry your parents' advice that Aunt Abby gives. 

             I nodded back at her to let her know I understood and was slightly glad that she offered accomodation at her place.Her offer lightened my mood as I went through my pile of work. 

           My phone rang a moment later, indicating a text and it was from Jacob. He called me over to his place without an explanation and I was about to say no when i thought about something. Maybe this might be my chance to starighthen things out with him. I quickly finished my school work and texted him back to let him know I was coming.

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