The Second Chance

Monica is living one of the most exhausting and depressing life she can imagine in her seemingly peaceful suburban town, but when time freezes and she finds Wayne in the forest, it's up to her to change her life around and give herself a second chance before the world itself freezes up.


1. 1.0

It probably wasn't the best time of the day to get myself ice cream but I've gone through my list of ' ways to calm down' and getting ice cream sounded reasonable. I was on my way home from a disastrous date with Jacob and he didn't even contact me to ask if I got home safely when I stormed off his house an hour ago. My instincts knew well enough that egoistic Jacob would never be that caring but some part of me wanted to hear him call. I was ruffling through my black leather purse that my friend, Rebecca got me last year when my phone started ringing. I was about to grab my phone out from my purse when suddenly a big figure bumped into me from the back. My purse fell off my shoulders and the inner condiments of my purse came rolling out too. It was humiliating, especially when it happened near the ice cream parlour because all the high school kids hang out there and it's very easy to get thrown into some gossips.

              I kneeled down to collect my stuff as quickly as I could when a familiar voice chimmed in.

             " Hey, I'm really sorry about that, was in a hurry, " I looked up at the owner of the soft but attractive voice and was glad to see it was someone from my biology class. Wayne kneeled down beside me and helped me get my lip balm, notebook and granola bar into my purse. He even helped me up which was what a total gentleman like him would do.

             " Thanks Wayne, and keep your eyes on the road next time. " My voice was dry and swollen from the fight I had with Jacob earlier but I hoped that my advice came out teasingly instead of accusingly. Wayne was really tall for his age and I was considered short, so I had to shield my eyes from the sun when I looked up at him. He was wearing a blue shirt with the school's football team logo on it and he gave me one of his signature half smiles as he looked down at me. I wondered if it was illegal to admire a guy's smile when you're dating.

             " Ha, yea. I get that a lot. Glad you're ok, so see ya, Monica!" He smoothened his shirt before waving at me to say goodbye and then rushed off. He knew my name and that means he knows I'm in bio with him. I wonder what else he knew about me. 


             " Holy, YOU MET WAYNE RICHER AFTER YOUR FIGHT WITH JACOB!!!" Trina's volume was above the chaotic volume of the crowd in the school hallway and I had to stare daggers at her just to clam her down. I knew she would freak out after hearing my cute boy encounter. Trina, Rebecca, Cassie and I were hanging out at my locker near the gym before Monday class started and I was just filing in with them the regular stories I had while they shared their weekend gossips.

            " I'm sure Jacob will come around and apologise to you and try to get you back. You guys been on and off ever since last spring, " exclaimed Cassie and she was right. Me and Jacob were somehow and unbreakable rubberband, its like the more we wanted to let go the more we end up with each other.

            " Well, no offence, I personally  think this should stop, it's an unhealthy relationship." Rebecca was quiet during our conversation and I was glad she finally gave me some advice. Rebecca was like my sister, she been there with me during all my ups and downs, in fact they all were. The four of us started hanging out ever since sophomore year and we've been inseparable ever since despite all the fights.

           The morning school bell rang as we wrapped up our conversation and headed for class. Cassie had first period maths and Rebecca had first period history while both me and Trina had english. We rushed to our respective classes without missing a beat. I didn't really tell them the details about me and Jacob's fight cause I didn't really wanna worry them. They were worried sick when I told them about how my parents fought and locked themselves in their rooms last week so I thought it was fair for them  to spare themselves from my problems. Cassie is currently dating someone from Weighbour high which she met at the ice cream parlour and Trina is just fangirling over any guy which meets her cute guy ratings. Rebecca didn't care mush about relationships even though she was in one last year. 

          We all had and still have our problems and it seems like here in Dashville, it's not normal to have nothing to worry about but sometimes I really need a break from all these bad stuff going around, maybe a time freeze sounds good, just to get away a few days sounds amazing. 

          I knew my mind has wandered off when I heard Ms Wilda's voice calling my name.

          " Monica, please pay attention in class, tell me who wrote this significant piece, " All eyes were on me as Ms Wilda shot me a question. It took me time to register everything and finally I mumbled out the answer. Ms Wilda looked pleased and I silently cursed myself for not paying attention in class. Trina who was sitting two rows in front of me turned around and gave me the Hey-You-Don't-Seem-Like-Yourself look. I tried to squeeze out a smile so that she knew everything was ok but inside it clearly wasn't.



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