Dragon ball entity part 1: The New Saiyan Saga

It's been over 100 years since goku jr and vegeta jr died...new threats have emerged...this time it's up to ash and his friends to defend the earth from the new breed of Saiyans from the true Saiyan home world.

Note: this is a fan fiction created by Jushawn Lawson. I do, however allow surprise guest into my stories. So if you want your character in the story let me know ok.

P.s. a new chapter will be out hopefully every Friday night. Thanks for reading!!!!


5. chapter 5: saiyan brawl

Chapter 5: saiyan brawl

(Haren rushed ash as the two fought with a fury of kicks and punches while Bella immediately shot multiple ki blast at Arina, only to have her dodge them. Meanwhile Tezu walked over to Gorin and Mari.)

"You and your friends will die here. We're all stronger than all of you...I'm stronger than both of you for that matter." Said Tezu.

Gorin smirked.

"You just don't get it do you...you see...the guy that just arrived...his name is ash...and he's stronger than me...and the girl...her name is Bella...and she's even stronger than him. You won't make it out of this fight alive." Said Gorin.

Tezu tuned to look at chase.

"Chase sir!!!" He yelled.

"I know you idiot! Focus on your fight. I'll deal with them when the time comes!" Yelled chase.

(Meanwhile, Bella punched arina in the face then kneed her in the stomach as she blasted her in point blank range with a Galic gun which sent her flying into the ground. Bella flew down to her.)

"You call yourself a saiyan? Pathetic. You can't even put up a decent fight." Said Bella.

"Keep talking," said arina as she stood up," even if you manage to kill me, you won't be able to kill our commander chase. YOU WILL DIE BY HIS HANDS IF YOU DONT SURRENDER!!!!"

"Me surrender? Tch. You obviously don't know who you're talking to. I'm the descendant of the one and only prince vegeta. You can't win this fight...and neither can chase for that matter." Said Bella.

(Bella held out her hands and aimed them at arina.)

"Don't be sad...you have the honor of dying by me...princess Bella! Now die!"

(Bella shot a huge yellow blast that left Arina on the ground unconscious. She then turned to look at chase.)

"You're next." She proclaimed.

Chase looked at her.

"Are you sure you want to take me on? If you are, then you must want to die. In fact, tell me...princess...do you honestly think she fought at her full power? When we were on our way to earth...I told her and haren to fight at 1/4 of there full power even if it kills them." Said chase.

"Why?" Asked Bella.

"Because I wanted to see what the saiyans of earth were capable of. Well...that and I wanted to have some fun of my own. But seeing as you're the first one to win, I'll give you a treat. I won't fight in my super saiyan or super saiyan 2 forms. I'll kill you in my normal form. How's that for excitement?" Said chase as he walked over to Bella.

"Hmph. It's you're funeral." Said Bella.

Meanwhile, Jowee is almost to east end city.

(Shows jowee flying at top speed.)

"Darn it. I hope I'm not too late for the fight...ash really packs a punch when he looses control. Luckily that cute nurse took care of me so hold on guys, I'm almost there."

Elsewhere, Neru is flying at top speed and closing in on east end city fast.

"As much as I'd hate to fight along side saiyans, I must protect the earth. When master dende passes, the role of guardian of earth will be pasted down to me. I won't fail!" He thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Gorin, Mari, and Tezu were ready to continue there fight.

(Gorin quickly teleported behind tezu and unleashed a powerful ki wave. Tezu disappeared and reappeared in the sky. Mari quickly rushed him as Gorin joined in. But Tezu was able to defend against both of them. Mari then jumped back held out her hands. Gorin flew down as Tezu prepared to block. Gorin then shot a kamehameha wave while beneath Tezu. The wave hit Tezu and threw him off guard while mari unleashed a powerful ki wave that hit Tezu as well and sent him flying into a building.)

"That should've done it." Said Mari.

"No, he's still alive. Don't you sense his power level still?" Said Gorin.

"Oh...yeah..." agreed Mari.

"Is that all?" Said Tezu as he slowly flew out of the building.

(Meanwhile, ash punched haren into a building, then her shot several ki blast at the building only to have haren appear behind him.)

"That wasn't half bad...say...do you want to join zims army? You can do what you want and have everything you can dream of." Asked haren.

I turned around and looked at him.

"That sounds cool! But what I want is for all of you to leave this and every other planet in peace."

"That's too bad...now I have to kill you." Said haren.

"If you can." I confidently said.

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