Dragon ball entity part 1: The New Saiyan Saga

It's been over 100 years since goku jr and vegeta jr died...new threats have emerged...this time it's up to ash and his friends to defend the earth from the new breed of Saiyans from the true Saiyan home world.

Note: this is a fan fiction created by Jushawn Lawson. I do, however allow surprise guest into my stories. So if you want your character in the story let me know ok.

P.s. a new chapter will be out hopefully every Friday night. Thanks for reading!!!!


4. chapter 4: the warm up ends, the real battle begins

Chapter 4: the warm up ends, the real battle begins

(Shows Tezu choking Gorin.)

"Darn it...someone help..."Gorin thought to himself.

Mari began charging her power and held out her hands and aimed them at Tezu.

"I WONT LET YOU KILL HIM! ARROW BLAST!!!!!!!" She yelled as a bright light blue arrow shaped blast shot from her hands and flew towards Tezu.

"That's nothing!!!" Yelled Tezu.

(Tezu let go of Gorin and deflected the blast. Gorin quickly flew back next to Mari.)

"I guess...we have to fight...together." Gorin said while still trying to catch his breath.

Mari looked at Gorin and nodded.

"He's a lot stronger than I ever thought he'd be...looks like we're going to have to use THAT move." Said Gorin.

(Both Mari and Gorin charged there power before they quickly flew to Tezu. They both rushed him, making him go on the defensive before he grabbed Gorin's hand and threw him. Mari then unleashed a powerful kick only to have Tezu dodge it and blast her into a building before Gorin unleashed several ki blast that hit Tezu. Tezu then punched Gorin into a wall before he turned around to see Mari punch him into a wall. Mari then unleashed multiple ki blast that all made contact with Tezu.)

"Let's do it!" Yelled Gorin.

(Gorin appeared behind Tezu and kicked him into the sky. Mari then punched Tezu 3 times before Gorin flew over and sledgehammered him into the ground. They both held out there arms and aimed them at Tezu.)

"ARROW BEAM!!!!" They both yelled.

(A yellow and blue arrow shaped blast flew towards Tezu and hit him causing a huge explosion. When the dust cleared, Tezu was standing there with his armors chest plate gone.)

"Darn...it" said Gorin exhausted and returning to his normal form.

"We gave it all we had." Said Mari as she returned to her normal form.

"Looks like you blew it." Said Tezu as he slowly flew up to Mari and Gorin,"there's no way either of you will survive this fight."

"Big Bang attack!!!" Yelled someone as a huge round blue blast hit Tezu and knocked him into the ground as it exploded.

Gorin and Mari looked at where the blast came from only to see Bella and ash standing there.

"Hope we're not to late to join the party."I said.

"Ash..." said Mari as she started to cry.

"It's ok Mari. We'll take it from here." I said.

Chase looked up at ash and Bella.

"Haren...take care of the one with blue hair. Arina, take care of the other one. Tezu will finish Mari and Gorin."

"Yes sir!" Agreed both arina and haren.

Arina flew over to Bella.

"I'm your opponent." Said Arina.

"Fine by me. But I hope you said your prayers because you won't be walking away from this fight!" Confidently said Bella.

Meanwhile, dende was watching the battle from the safety of the lookout. Another namekian walked out of the lookout and over to dende. This namekian was 6 feet 3 inches tall and wore red cloth that covered his chest with yellow shoulder blades on. He had dark red gi pants on with black namekian shoes. His skin was light green.

"I see you've finally come to see how this battle will play out. Isn't that right Neru?" Asked dende.

"I'm going to fight with them." Said neru.

Dende stared at Neru for about 3 seconds before saying something.

"Ok...but hurry...I sense the one they call chase is a lot stronger than all of them combined." Said dende before Neru flew off.

Meanwhile, haren and Arina turned super saiyan along with Bella and ash.

"You won't get away with what you've done." I said confidently to haren.

"Oh really? And who's going to stop us?" Said haren.

"We will." I replied.

"Then bring it." Said haren.

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