Dragon ball entity part 1: The New Saiyan Saga

It's been over 100 years since goku jr and vegeta jr died...new threats have emerged...this time it's up to ash and his friends to defend the earth from the new breed of Saiyans from the true Saiyan home world.

Note: this is a fan fiction created by Jushawn Lawson. I do, however allow surprise guest into my stories. So if you want your character in the story let me know ok.

P.s. a new chapter will be out hopefully every Friday night. Thanks for reading!!!!


3. chapter 3: Gorin vs. Tezu

Chapter 3: Gorin vs. Tezu

(Gorin quickly punched tezu making him fly into a building. Tezu quickly flew out of the building and towards Gorin. Tezu quickly unleashed a series of punches and kicks with Gorin matching him blow for blow. Both saiyans jumped back and circled each other while unleashing a barrage of ki blast before Gorin appeared behind Tezu. Tezu turned around only to have Gorin punch him up into the air. Gorin put his hands together and started to form a blue ki blast)


(Gorin suddenly appeared behind Tezu.)


(Gorin unleashed his kamahameha and scored a direct hit on the confused Tezu. The kamehameha wave blasted Tezu into a building. Gorin started to smirk while the building he blasted Tezu into fell.)

"Looks like you're leaving-"

(Gorin is interrupted by a punch to the face by Tezu, sending him straight into the ground. Tezu stood there smiling and staring at Gorin.)

"That move was pretty strong. I'd ask you to join us but you're too annoying and I'd kill you within a week." Said Tezu.

Gorin stood up and looked at Tezu from the ground.

"I don't join people that think that hurting innocent people is right. You're no warrior in my eyes!" Gorin said.

(Tezu balled up his fists in anger and started to charge his power.)

"How dare you!!!!!!" He yelled as he transformed into a super saiyan.

Gorin stared at Tezu in shock.

"What? Did you think the saiyans of earth were the only saiyans capable of turning into a super saiyan? Fool. Everyone with saiyan blood can do it." He told Gorin.

Gorin smirked.

"I was a little surprised but I've got to admit. This is exciting...even if I'm going to kill you in the end." Gorin said with confidence.

"Bring it."

(Gorin and Tezu quickly started to rush each other. Both began getting hits in on the other before Gorin jumped back. Then punched Tezu into the air then appeared behind him and punched him again, sending him flying and then appeared in front of him. He swung at Tezu only for Tezu to grab him fist and swing him towards the ground. Tezu then unleashed a powerful ki blast wave that sent Gorin smashing into the ground, creating a crater in the ground. Tezu then held out his hand but Gorin quickly flew behind Tezu using high speed flight movement and blasted Tezu with a powerful ki blast. Tezu flew back a little before turning around and delivering a heavy punch to Gorin that sent him flying but while Gorin was flying back he unleashed a kamehameha wave at Tezu making Tezu fly higher into the sky and making himself crash harder into the ground. Tezu regained his composure as Gorin stood up with the sleeves on his gi ripped off.)

Meanwhile Bella was flying towards east end city.

"I can't believe I got so caught up in training that I forgot about the saiyans! I have to fight them before Gorin does." She said as she flew faster.

Meanwhile back in east end city, Gorin and Tezu's fight continued.

"You're not bad Gorin." Said Tezu.

"Neither are you...Tezu." Said Gorin.

"Should I go all out?" Asked Tezu.

"All out? You mean that you haven't been giving it your all?"

"Of course not. Weren't you holding back too?" Asked Tezu.

"...no."answered Gorin.

"Then this is where you die!!!!" Yelled Tezu as he began charging his power.

(When Tezu was done charging, he appeared behind Gorin and blasted him with a powerful ki blast. Gorin was sent flying when Tezu appeared in front of him and kicked him, making him smash into the ground. Then Tezu unleashed a barrage of ki blast at Gorin before charging straight towards him and wrapping his hand around Gorin's neck.)

"Tell your friend, Mari that you've failed." Demanded Tezu as he began choking Gorin.

"Gorin!!!" Yelled Mari.

Meanwhile both ash and Bella felt Gorin's power level dropping fast.

"How pathetic. Kakarot's descendent couldn't even handle our weakest soldier. Tezu...send him to where goku lives now." Said Chase.

"With...pleasure." Said Tezu as he squeezed harder on Gorin's neck.

"How am I going to get out of this one? Darn it!!!!!!!!" Thought Gorin.

"Now you die!!!" Yelled Tezu.

"No!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Mari.

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