Dragon ball entity part 1: The New Saiyan Saga

It's been over 100 years since goku jr and vegeta jr died...new threats have emerged...this time it's up to ash and his friends to defend the earth from the new breed of Saiyans from the true Saiyan home world.

Note: this is a fan fiction created by Jushawn Lawson. I do, however allow surprise guest into my stories. So if you want your character in the story let me know ok.

P.s. a new chapter will be out hopefully every Friday night. Thanks for reading!!!!


2. chapter 2: the saiyans have landed

Chapter 2: the saiyans have landed

(Shows 4 Saiyan space pods flying past Jupiter.)

"We'll be there soon...very soon..." said one Saiyan as he looked at the planets ahead.

(Shows Ash and Jowee in the woods with Gorin.)

"Why are we training again?" Asked Jowee.

"Because the saiyans are set to come to earth sometime today. If we're not all ready by the time they arrive, then the earth will be ruled by the saiyans. That's why you're training." Explained Gorin.

"I know that. I meant why are we training again. Who says we can't stop training?" Asked Jowee.

"Oh that's an easy one. Bella said that if you stop training before the saiyans arrive, then she'll blast you two into next week." Explain Gorin.

"Oh yeah...that's why." Accepted Jowee.

"Ok. Jowee, I'm not gonna hold back." Said ash.

"Neither will I!" Yelled Jowee.

(They both started to charge there powers.)

"Ready? Now!!!" They both yelled.

(They both turned Super Saiyan with there hair retaining its usual form. They both looked at each other before ash suddenly punched Jowee into the air. Jowee regained his composure while in the air before holding out his hands towards ash.)

"Multiblast!!!!" Yelled Jowee.

(Multiple ki blast shot from Jowee's hands and flew towards ash. Ash quickly started flying around the ki blasts while dodging any that came to close. Jowee suddenly appeared in front of ash and unleashed several punches and kicks before blasting ash into the ground. Ash stood up and looked at Jowee before quickly flying behind him. Jowee turned around only to see a fist smash into his cheek, sending him flying. Ash suddenly appeared behind Jowee again before unleashing a series of heavy punches and kicks to him and then sledgehammering him into the ground. Then ash held out his hands.)

"Mega wind bla-"

(Gorin punched ash in the face. Ash then looked at Gorin and realized what he was about to do. He then quickly put his hands down before returning to normal.)

"I'm sorry." I said.

Gorin looked at me.

"You still have no control. You need more training."

"No...I need to be alone."

"Is that what your father would say?" Asked mari as she flew in.

I looked at her.

"I don't know what he'd say. I've never met him."

She slowly walked towards me.

"Fight me." She demanded.

"That's a great idea. Ash, your next opponent is Mari Onto." Announced Gorin.

"Fine." I reluctantly agreed.

We both got in our stances. She began charging her power and instantly turned super saiyan. However, her hair retained its original shape.

"Going all out huh?" I asked.

"What better way is there to fight a friend?" She said.

"Fight!" Announced Gorin.

(Mari quickly took control of the fight by rushing ash and unleashing a series of kicks and punches that forced ash to be on the defensive. Mari then swung a powerful punch at ash but he managed to dodge it and punched Mari in the stomach. He then opened his hand that was still against her stomach and let out a ki blast that sent her higher into the air. Ash then began charging and transformed into a super saiyan as well. However, the battle was interrupted due to them sensing several high power levels approaching earth.)

"Looks like they're here." I said.

Gorin flew up to both ash and Mari.

"Ash, take Jowee to capsule corporation. Mari, follow me." He ordered them.

Gorin balled up his fists and turned into a super saiyan 2 which made his hair resemble Goku's super saiyan 2 form.

"I'm coming with you two." I told him.

"No you're not. We need you to help Jowee and get the senzu beans that Bella has. I'm sure she's forgotten them since it's an actual fight. Now go!" He ordered.

I looked at him.

"Fine...I will." I said then I flew down to Jowee, grabbed him, and flew off.

Gorin and Mari flew off towards east end city.

Meanwhile at east end city, the saiyans had just landed in the middle of the city. One saiyan was 5 feet 9 inches tall and had short black hair. He wore standard white and grey saiyan armor similar to the armor vegeta had on Namik. The next saiyan was 5 feet 5 inches with long dark green hair that reached her upper back. She wore the same kind of saiyan armor but it's colors were white and green. The third saiyan was 5 feet 7 inches tall with dark red hair that looked like android 18's hair style. He wore the same standard saiyan armor but it's colors were white and black. The last saiyan was 5 feet 9 inches tall with black hair that was in a male emo hair hairstyle. He wore the same armor but his was black and dark grey.

All four saiyans have stepped out of there pods. The emo haired saiyan looked at the other three.

"...report." He said.

"Tezu reporting for duty and undamaged." Said the saiyan with the short black hair.

"Arina reporting for duty and not damaged." Said the female saiyan.

"Haren reporting for duty and perfectly okay." Said the dark red haired saiyan.

"Good...and don't worry...I'm okay as well." Said the emo haired saiyan.

"We know you are commander chase." Replied haren.

Chase looked around at the city with thousands of humans crowded and staring at him.

"These humans are starting to get on my nerves. Arina, have fun with them." He said.

Arina smiled and looked at them.

"I'd be happy to."

She held up her hand and formed a green ki blast in it while the other saiyans flew up into the sky to observe.

"Be gone you pests." She said as she spun while launching several ki blast at her surroundings. Each time one of these ki blast hit an object, they cause an explosion large enough to wipe out 5 city blocks.

Within seconds the city was in ruins, buildings were on fire, and destruction ruled the city. As far as they could see, no humans were left alive in the city.

Meanwhile, Gorin and Mari could sense that several very small power levels suddenly vanished.

"Darn it! They must've taken out the city!" Angrily said Gorin.

"How are we going to stop them?" Asked Mari.

"The only way I know how to...we fight them."

They both continued to fly towards east end city as fast as they could.

Meanwhile I was almost at capsule corporation. I held Jowee in my arms as I approached my destination.

"I hope the others are ok. That power I felt was massive."

I had finally arrived at the corporation. I quickly ran in with jowee in my arms when a scientist stopped me.

"I'll take him and you take these," she held out her had to show me the 5 senzu beans that Bella left behind," Mrs.Brief forgot them again."

"Thanks."I said as I put Jowee down and took the senzu beans.

I put them in my pocket before running out the door and flying off to east end city.

Meanwhile Gorin and Mari were just arriving at east end city. They looked at the remains of the city before seeing the 4 saiyans on the ground. They both landed in front of them.

"...what do you want?" Asked chase.

"We want you to leave earth and never return!" Demanded Gorin.

"Why would we do that?" Asked chase.

"Because if you don't...this place will be your grave!" Said Gorin.

The 4 saiyans laughed.

"What's your name?" Asked Arina.

"It's Gorin. And," he pointed at Mari,"she's Mari."

"So, you're the descendant of kakarot?" Asked haren.

"Yeah...I am."

"It doesn't matter who he's related too. He's not apart of Master Zim's army so he's just as important as the humans on this planet. He's expendable." Said chase.

"If you don't leave earth now, you'll regret it!" Yelled Mari.

Chase looked at both Gorin and Mari.

"I'll tell you what, if you can beat my weakest trooper...then we'll leave earth without causing anymore damage." Suggested chase.

"It's a deal." Said Gorin.

"Good. Now tezu...you're the weakest." Said chase.

"What?" Asked tezu.

"If you question what I say one more time, I will kill you myself along with everyone on this planet just like I did to Sena on planet zunaka. Understood!?!" Said chase.

"Yes sir!"

"Now, I want you to fight Gorin...besides, I want to see what the saiyans on earth are capable of since they can turn super saiyan." Said chase.

Tezu walked over to Gorin while the other 3 saiyans walked 30 feet away to observe the battle.

"Can you handle him alone?" Asked Mari.

"Yeah, I can. Now stand back." Said Gorin.

Mari ran back 30 feet to watch as well.

"This is it!" Yelled Gorin as he flew towards Tezu.

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