Over the nexus

A story that takes place in the 23rd century that has pirates, death, aliens, love, and a crew trying to save the galaxy.

Note: this story was created with the help of Ashley fowler...if you want your own alien race or character created then please let me know.


1. The new crew

Over the nexus

Chapter 1: the new crew

Earth...populated with over 4 trillion people. We've all really come a long way. Oh wait I forgot to tell you...this is the year 2246. my name is mike Thompson. I'm 21 years old. Now let's talk about what's been happening. In the year 2021 humans were visited by an alien race with glowing skin and pitch black eyes called the angeloids. At first everyone wanted to declare war on them but by the year 2036, angeloids were normal in human society. 5 years later, the angeloids helped humanity create the first spaceship that was able to quickly travel the galaxy. This ship was called the Eartheen 01. By 2080 everyone was able to buy a spaceship. In 2100 humans and angeloids discovered several alien races, most of which were able to travel the galaxy. Now let's skip ahead by 125 years. That's when I was born. Now it's 2246 and I'm a cargo initiative, which is a fancy way of saying I'm a delivery boy...well I was...I might as well tell you what happened...

I walked over to the docking bay on platform 636 with a crate of apples in my arms.

"Why isn't my crew helping me with this?" I asked myself while struggling.

I sat the crates down to gaze at my ship. it was a 533 spaceborn starship with enough room for 31 people. Of course I kept my crew at 5 people.

As I stood there, admiring my starship, my pilot, Tom Cummings walked up to me. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall. He was Caucasian and wore a grey flight shirt with black flight pants. His hair was dark brown and well groomed.

"Dreaming about flying her?" He asked me.

"Maybe...she does need someone with REAL piloting skills." I jokingly replied.

"And which one of us flunked getting there piloting license five times in a row?" He responded.

We both grabbed the crate and carried it onboard. when we got onboard, 3 crew members were ready to go.

"Alright everyone," I said to them," this is a delivery to the planet..." I looked at the delivery location on the box," to the planet hereny. Yoko! Please tell us about the planet."

"Very well. Hereny is a planet located in the vel system of the Milky Way galaxy. In other words it's right outside of the Earthing system. The planet is barren and the only inhabitants are the tiros." She explained.

"Good job as always. Now what do you all say we leave earth?" I asked.

"Yeah" replied everyone.

Tom went to the bridge and lifted off the ship. I stood on the observation deck watching as we left earth. Within 1 hour we were at hereny. Tom gently landed the ship. I walked over to Tom.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

We both picked up the crate and started carrying it to the small village we landed by. Yet When we got there, we noticed the houses were full of bullet holes so we sat the crate down.

"Bullet holes? Something's not right here..." I said to Tom.

Suddenly I felt something on my back.

"Tom...what's behind me?" I asked.

"A woman." He answered.

I quickly turned around only to see a gun hit me in the face and knock me out.

When I woke up I saw that I was chained to the wall in a cave along with Tom. I looked around and noticed a woman with horns chained up and staring at us. She had light blueish gray skin and horns like a goat coming from her forehead. Her eyes were blueish white and her ears looked like elf ears. She had a black bra on that connected to her armored panties but didn't cover her stomach. She had bone armor on her shoulders. She also wore bone leggings with black high heels.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"My name in your language is eve" she replied.

"What're you in for? Horns not big enough?" Jokingly asked Tom.

"No...I'm being hunted by terra." She replied.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"I will tell you once we're free." She answered.

She closed her eyes and when she opened them, they were pitch black. She stared at the chains on my arms. A black mist appeared on them that disintegrated them without hurting me. I was finally free.

"Why didn't you do that before on yourself?" Asked Tom as the black mist disintegrated his chains.

"Because I don't have a ship so I would've just been captured again." She answered.

I looked behind me and the keys were on a small steel table.

"They aren't very good at hiding keys huh." I said as I grabbed them and let eve free.

She looked at me then at the wall as her black mist disintegrated it.

"Why didn't you do this before? And why didn't you grab the keys before?" I asked.

"Because...it wouldn't have mattered. I had no ship and I was outnumbered 25 to 1. Now let's run to your ship." She said.

We all started to run towards the ship. It wasn't long before the 25 captures started chasing and shooting at us. I pulled out my 3-23 pistol and started shooting back as we ran. I managed to kill 3 of them before we reached the ship. After we boarded it, Tom immediately started the engines and we took off.

"Ok where the hell do we drop you off at!?!" I asked frustratedly.

"I request permission to join your crew." Said eve.

"No fucking-"

"Keep in mind that they will find you and kill you now that you've helped me." She said.

"Dammit! It was a fucking trap!" Yelled Tom.

"Yes it was." She answered.

"Fine but don't interfere with my job." I said.

"You no longer have the job you've always had. You must help me collect the 9 reli-gems." She said.

"And why would we do that?" Tom asked.

"Because if you don't, the galaxy will fall. You see, these gems were created by my people long ago in case this galaxy ever threatened to destroy the universe. Each gem on its own can't do much besides glow. But when all are collected, they will reveal the location of the weapon created to wipe out all organic life except the race the user is. Please help me with my mission." She explained.

It remained silent for 5 seconds.

"Umm...no. Drop her off at the next fueling station." I replied.

"What if I told you that I will give everyone 100 million credits?" She offered.

"Tom change our course. We're headed to..." I looked at her,"where are we headed?"

"To yorix 17 in the velvet system." She answered.

"Rodger that." Said Tom.

"By the way...I'm mike...mike Thompson and our pilot is named Tom Cummings. Welcome aboard the blue saber." I said to her.

"Thank you...captain Thompson." She replied.

Meanwhile back on planet hereny...a woman walked up to the people that captured us.

"Report." She said.

"All of the prisoners escaped." Replied a trooper.

"Good. And did you administer the V1 serum to all of them?" She asked.

"No ma'am...only one received it."

"Well that one will lead us straight to the gems...and soon...nexus will rule." She proclaimed.

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