A soldier for christmas

A story about a young girl Lily depressed about her older cousin josh not able to attend Christmas because he was stationed over seas in the military. She sends letters to him all the time and doesn't get one back until one day she finally received his response. ( Christmas advent calendar- romance) it's more family love for each other then romantic love��


2. breaking the news

Lily is an only child and a beautiful brunette at the age of 15. She loved Christmas and was always very into the Christmas spirit. Everywhere she went, lily always spread her joy for the season to others in many different ways. Ever since she was younger her father always took her and her mother to get the most beautiful Christmas tree and put a special one of a kind angel they made together. Her and her father put the Christmas lights up and decorated the Christmas tree while her mother baked Christmas cookies. Lily was 8 years old when her father died in a car accident. It was a very tragic Year especially around the holidays. That year lily was not as cheerful as she always has been. Part of her Christmas spirit left with her father whom she dearly loved. The year her father passed the angel that her and her father always put on the Christmas tree was gone. But Lily had to realize that her father is in a better place and will always love her. He would never want his baby girl to be depressed around their most favorite time of year. That's when josh came into the picture. Josh is Lily's older cousin and they have always been best friends. Josh is six years older then lily but always keep in touch. It was three Christmases after the passing of her father that Josh's family moved from the other side of the state to the same neighborhood as lily. Josh is in college studding to be an engineer. He also is going to be in the military. Josh is a very kind and understanding person. He loves to hang out with his family and play around with them making practical jokes. Josh is a blond blue eyed guy and tall. Josh is a kind hearted and generous person. He loves to make practical jokes especially with his family. Josh is the kind of person who would spend more time with his family then with his friends. He loved his family especially lily. It has been five years since her dad died and he is the closest thing to help her through the hard times when she needs her Dad. Josh and lily had to go get the tree for their houses and took the trailer. Josh sang the whole way there non stop. Even though he is a terrible singer lily went along with it and joined him. They had a fun time in the car but the adventure continued when they both had to walk the trees back to the car from the farm. Josh yelled at lily for always stopping to take a break. After a treacherous five minute walk they made it back to the car throwing the trees in the trailer and drove back home. Josh's mom was throwing a family party that was going to be about 20 people there. It took a half hour to get home but the made it in time for the food. Josh's mom made her famous casserole dish and Lily's mom made Christmas cookies. They ate and played charades. After the parents settled down the kids went outside and played hide and seek in the dark. It was time for dessert and the gift exchange. We all gathered in the living room and just talked. Josh stood up and started to speak.

Josh- hey I just want to say that this has been a great couple of years for me and my family. It was hard being away from the family for so long but I am glad for returning safely and back with all of you. It has been a hard couple of years for all of us but some in particular. I myself have had a hard time with the adjustment. It is hard at times but family will always help you through the hard times in life. Even though we all can drive each other crazy we all are family and families stick together.

Everyone started to clap. Lily's man said a few words and so did Josh's mom. Josh stood back up and looked a little more depressed this time.

Josh- I love spending time with the family because I never know when the next time I will see you all again.

Josh paused and everyone was very confused.

Josh- It's December 16 and Christmas time should be spent with family and friends...... but.... not this year.

Everyone was shocked. Lily didn't know what to do. Her father has left her and josh is her truly best friend and can't leave before Christmas. Josh is leaving for business and is needed to be a Soldier in one week.

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