the project

Lydia has a project.
She has to completely transform Allison, a nerdy computer geek into a cool, fashionable icon before her Christmas party.
Can she completely transform this geek to a chic chick?
This is also my entrée for the christmas competition under the fanfic genre.
I hope you all love it!


2. chapter 2

-Day 2: 2nd of December-

Today was crazy. Who would of thought that I would ever end up sitting next to Lydia Martin at lunch!
Let me start from the beginning of the day.......

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my phone ringing. I was still half asleep when I answered it
"Hey, It's Lydia. Im at the front of y our house to do your hair and make up"
"wait, what?"
"come on hurry up and let me in"
"but I don't have any makeup" I replied with a bit of sadness in my voice
"just come let me in" Lydia said before she hanged up.
I quickly ran downstairs and opened the front door to see Lydia with a small suitcase with her
"Whats going on?" I said while rubbing my eyes and yawning
"I'm here to do your hair and make up from school" She said as she walked into my house and started to set up all her stuff on the kitchen bench. She had bags full of makeup, straighteners and curlers! It was crazy!
She spent an hour doing my hair in loose wavy curls and then she moved onto doing what she called 'a natural look' on my face. I wore one of the outfits that we bought the night before, it was a pair of skinny jeans and a white crop top  that had a small V neck line. 

When Lydia and I walked into school together it was different, everyone was looking, some guys even whistled at us. 
When it got to lunch Lydia came up to me along with Kira and Hayden and told me to come sit with them. Of coarse I said yes straight away!
Today was one of the best days of my life!

-Day 3: 3rd December-

Its day three of my project of turning a geek into a chic and Its going perfect!
Today I;m going to teach Allison on how to talk to boys, this will be my hardest challenge yet but its all worth it if it means I get to keep my status as the schools most popular girl.
It was lunch when Allison and I went into the cafeteria and I asked Alli to sit with my group. I know this could seriously damage my reputation of being coolest girl at the school  but it would be worst if Allison went and sat with her normal friends. She was really quiet when she sat with us and barley spoke which was good.
Over the next few days I'm going to be working on her people skills, how to talk to people (especially boys), how to stand and walk properly, and much more! 
This project will be the best thing I have ever done!

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