Demons were real. And they haunted her existence. Levina lived in the world where she was normal, or at least pretended to be. But when she released the thing inside her, that's when things went wrong.


1. Beginnings

Hey Readers! This is my first story and I still don't really know how to do these author notes soooooo.... 

This is an original story I made up on a whim, so enjoy! -SapphireOnyx


    Levina ran.


    That was all she knew now. She ran from place to place looking for a home, being rejected every time. She could't handle it anymore. The names, the humiliation, the pain. She ran into a familiar alley. Crying in the rain. She collapsed next a few damp, broken boxes and sobbed. Freak. The word played over, and over, and over again in her mind. She reached up and gingerly touched the birthmark on her forehead. She continued to cry and thought back on what had happened.

    She had just met her new family, the 7th one since the incident. She had walked to the front door of a well manicured, middle class home. She rang the doorbell and a middle aged woman with pixie cut, bleach blonde hair opened the door. She wore grey flats, short yoga pants and a crimson blouse. She wore a great deal of gold and silver jewelry around her neck and on her ears (almost seemingly to show off). She had far too much makeup caked onto her face, and she had a fake smile plastered on her face.

    "Hi sweetie, my name is Lisa!" She gushed. "Welcome to your new home! Your gonna be sleeping in our attic because we don't really have much space. Oh, is that a tattoo on your forehead? Or are you just dirty? You really should clean yourself up," Lisa said cheerfully. Levina clenched her teeth at the comment but ignored it.

    "Can I get a tour?" Levina asked. 

    "Sure thing hun!" Lisa ushered Levina into the house. She quickly led Levina through a classy, urban home, but then turned on her heel and rushed up the stairs. Levina jogged to keep up and couldn't even remember what the house looked like. Lisa finally stopped at an old, rickety door. She opened it with a firm shoulder shove onto the door and a cloud of dust exploded from it.

    "Sorry pumpkin, we haven't been up here in a while," she said, still with the fake smile on her face. Levina peered inside and saw a musty wooden bed with a dirty sheet strewn onto it. There was an old bedside table on the verge of collapsing, and a once clear, now brown, window that had no hope of ever being transparent again. The entire room was a small, 15 by 15 foot space with the roof coming up to the point of a triangle. Levina stepped inside and dropped her sole, tiny bag onto the ground in front of the rickety bed and plopped down onto it. She sighed as she looked around. She knew it would be hard living here, but she knew she could, no had, to manage. She pulled herself up from her position, dragging her hair across the bed. She stood up and walked over to the door, opening it with a high pitched creak. She took a sharp right and went back down the stairs. She plodded through the rest of the house, not even bothering this time to take in the details.

    Levina finally found her way to the living room through the maze of a house. She noticed as she walked down a hallway she could hear noise coming from another room. There was something mounted onto the wall of the hallway and as Levina passed by, she couldn't help but look at it. It was a mirror. 

    Levina had dark red hair that tumbled from the top of her head to just past her shoulders in an indescribable way of straight and wavy. Her hair wasn't a vibrant red because it was oddly mixed with black hair, but it wasn't dull. She had tan skin and brilliant emerald eyes. Levina was 15 years old and was 5'5". She was wearing a black tank top with a red, plaid open shirt on top of that. She wore worn out blue jeans with a few rips and had black sneakers on her feet. She had hints of bags under her eyes and it was quite obvious she hadn't had a shower in a while. Finally, in the middle of her forehead, just above her eyes, was a diamond. The birthmark was a perfect rhombus that was so dark in color, it almost looked burned into her skin. As soon as Levina saw herself in mirror, she looked away. Levina thought mirrors were for the conceded. 'Dogs and cats don't look at themselves all day.'

    She rounded the corner and entered a cozy, yet large, living room.There was a middle aged man sitting comfortably on a blue chair, reading a newspaper. He had black/grey hair that was close cropped to his scalp and and scraggly, yet short beard. He was wearing a sweater vest with dress pants and brown dress shoes. There were two blonde girls sprawled on a red sofa with their blue eyes glued to their sparkling cell phones. They both we wearing seemingly the smallest amount of clothing as possible. They wore matching jean shorts and one of the sisters was wearing a black crop top while the other wore a pink one. They looked up in disgust at her and the one pink snarled.

    "Dad, please don't tell me that's our new sister!" She wined.

    "Yeah, she's too ugly to be even living near us!" screeched the other. Levina clenched her teeth in anger.

    "What even are you?" The pink girl questioned. "Some kind of street rat?"

    "As if," her sister said. "She's probably just a dumpster diver cuz that's where it looks like she got her clothes!" The two girls snickered at the joke as Levina fumed. 

    Through gritted teeth Levina said, "Can I get an introduction from you two fine ladies."

    "I'm Skylar and that's Peyton. We're the best things that have ever happened to you and don't you forget it," the pink girl sneered. Levina felt warm. She felt heat inside herself. Soon the looks of superiority on the girls faces turned into horror.

    "Get away from me!" Peyton screamed. Levina was firstly confused then saw fire starting to dance around her. The flames never touched her, they just shimmered around her body lighting things around with the flames. Levina was frightened by herself and what she was doing. All 3 people in the living room were on their feet now, trying to get away from her.

    "GET OUT YOU FREAK!" Skylar yelled. Tears filled Levina's eyes, not understanding what she was doing or happening and yet still destroying things in the process. She fled through the house, looking for a way out. She finally found the front door, bursting outside. It was raining, how appropriate.

Levina ran. That was all she knew now.


Well that's it for the first chapter, thought I'd start you guys off with a flashback. Anyway like, share, comment and do all the things for this story. Oh well, time to return to solitude. Bai! -SapphireOnyx




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