❝ I thought there was already a suicide squad. ❞

❝ We're the more powerful and crazier version. ❞

© qotham


2. 000. PROLOUGE

"Any chance you and your goons gonna tell

me when im leaving?" Amanda takes a small step forward.


"Anytime now." I sigh turning away from Amanda.


"We need you-"


"To join your suicide sqaud, blah blah."


"Task force-"


"It's a no for me." Amandas heels click as she takes more steps

toward me.


"Not the suicide squad with the clown's girlfriend. A

new one. People like you are only allowed."


"Well I'm honored." I slap my hand against my chest and 

give Waller a toothy grin. 


"Your friends with The ex Tricksters."


"Yes but we disbanded when you created the suicide squad."


"Well it's time to come outta hiding. Cause I got a mission for you,

Suicide Squad X."


"Catchy name. Whatcha got for me."


"Hurt the Suicide Squad. Brand them as a group of 

villains with intentions of killing

the justice league."


"Sounds like my kinda thing." I snicker setting down the glass

of whiskey. 


"What's it gonna be, Cheshire Cat? Ready to come back." Waller smirks.


"I never left."

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