Borders and Boundaries

When Eli Markham walks through the doors of Farwell High School on a cool November morning; his only intent is to kill anything that moves.

When Keelie Williams walks into Farwell on the same morning, her only intent is to finally ask out Eli Markham. The boy she's been in love with since she was a young girl.


1. Pain

It hurts.
The pain is too much.
I have no one.
I need to escape.
I need to escape this cruel, twisted fucking world.

This world full of conceded, petty, self obsessed people.

I hate them. I hate all of them.
They don't care about me, they never have, never will.
They're a waste of the space.

They waste air to say cruel words, to think cruel thoughts, to do cruel things.
They shouldn't be able to survive.
I'll get rid of them. 
It's so fucking easy.
I'll get rid of all of them.

- Eli




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