Borders and Boundaries

When Eli Markham walks through the doors of Farwell High School on a cool November morning; his only intent is to kill anything that moves.

When Keelie Williams walks into Farwell on the same morning, her only intent is to finally ask out Eli Markham. The boy she's been in love with since she was a young girl.


2. A Boy

I've been in love with a boy for so long.

Since I was young, alone and afraid. 

I sat crying behind my school during recess, wanting my parents, scared to be separated from them for such a long time. 

Through tears I saw a young boy with smiling grey eyes, curly black hair, and the sweetest, kindest smile that I'd ever seen, approach me with a fistful of wild flowers. 

"Don't cry." He said softly, handing me a pink flower.

I rubbed my eyes and stared up at him blankly. 

"Take it," He moved his hand closer.

I took it slowly, gazing down in awe. 

"Isn't it pretty?" 

I nodded. 

"Don't cry OK? I don't like when people are sad." He spoke carefully. 

I sniffed. "O-OK, thank you for this." 

"You're welcome, what's your name?" 


He smiled wider. "I'm Eli." 

Ever since that moment, I've been hopelessly and deeply in love with Eli Markham. 

- Keelie




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