Stranded On The Island

A group of strangers are boarding a plane to New York, but it has crash landed on a island and the only survivors are Mark, Ashley, Beth, Mike, Tiffany, Jane, Chris, Daisy, and Estefania. Together they will conquer new challenges.


1. Prologue


                 Mike: (Serious One) Doesn't like to joke around and doesn't get in trouble and shows up randomly.     Tiffany:(Joyful One) Has a major crush on Mike and the group see her as a mother.      Jane: (Small One) Even though Jane is the same age as the group, everyone cares and protects her.     Chris: (Quiet One) Has a wonderful voice but still keeps quiet, and loves to eat a lot. His favorite food is Bacon.      Beth: (Love One) Very beautiful and kind, Most guys seem to like her, and loves to read books at her spare time. She's best friends with Ashley    Ashley: (Calm One) Always calm, love to dance. She's best friends with Beth.     Daisy: (Kind One) Loves to cook, she always tries to cheer others who are sad.      Estefania: (Mean One) Don't get on her nerves you'll regret it. She has a lot of  trouble with mark.           Mark: (Unknown) Has a lot of personality. He's kind of a badboy sometimes and gets in trouble with Estefania.

                   "Welp, today is the day I visit New York, it's going to be a long flight," thought Mark as he was boarding the plane. The woman on the plane showed him his seat and Mark sat down. "Hello, my name is Mark what's yours?" Mark asked. "My name is Mike," replied the stranger.


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