Kimchi's Diaries 4: Lost Child

You thought it was the end? I have a lot more! This time it will be a difficult time for me and all KNK… Part IV of the diary: Almost a year passed after an ‘adventure’ with hooded man and his brother. We finally had some calm and awesome time, especially when we had our first performance in the USA. Everything was going smoothly, but suddenly we met this boy… And again everything was in chaos. If you thought hooded man and ghosts were the worst we've met, you were SO WRONG…


1. Concert

Do you remember when I told you about hooded man and his brother? Well, two diaries were about that, so it was a lot… But you coped with it and read it nicely (at least I hope. To be honest, you’ll have trouble understanding this diary without reading previous ones. And yes, that was self-advertisement). So, coming back to the topic, this story won’t be similar to the previous ones (ha! Got you!), but no less thrilling and full of unexpected events.

The first unexpected event approached us when we were in the USA.

That’s right! We had our first concert in New York. We were doing really well in South Korea, but it seemed we had more fans outside it, so it was a surprise when we were invited to the USA to perform for one thousand people. As we arrived there a week before the performance, we were so shocked and nervous that we barely ate. Eventually our manager got angry and ordered us to eat somewhere a good meal before the concert. We went into the nearest restaurant, so we wouldn’t get lost in New York.

“I wouldn’t mind if we got lost,” Heejun said. “We could be like Kevin from Home Alone!”

“Right,” I replied. “Do you have some family here like him?”

“Well… nope.”

“Then good luck with getting lost.”

“We’re bad at English too…” Inseong sighed.

“But we’re better than before.”

“I’m so hungry!” Seungjun added.

When we went into the restaurant, suddenly Youjin got hungry and excited at the same time. Of course… He and his love for western food.

“At least one of us will eat a lot,” I commented Youjin’s behavior with a smirk.

He ignored me and ordered two hamburgers. We, on the other hand, had fried chicken and French fries. Fast food but still made us full and we started to feel a lot better. When I was finishing my Cola, I saw someone observing us.

“What’s wrong?” Inseong asked, probably seeing my dumb expression.

Members followed my gaze and saw him too.

A little kid, maybe seven year old, stared at us with an anxious look. I frowned and suddenly the kid ran away. Members glared at me, as if it was my fault.

“He was Asian,” Heejun said.

I wanted to laugh at him, but remembered we were in America, so seeing a lone Asian kid here could be strange (well, seeing any kid alone can be strange though). Unless he was here with his parents and got momentarily separated from them.

“So?” I asked. “Should we go after him?”

“Why?” Youjin said. “We don’t know him and didn’t do anything to him either. Let’s go, we have little time to the concert.”

I looked at the corner, where the kid was hiding, for the last time and followed my members.

Somehow I got worried. That look on his face… But whatever. That was not my problem.


At 3 p.m. we began our first concert in the West. Everything was awesome: audience, atmosphere, place. Although our dream about our solo concert came true some time ago in South Korea, now we felt fulfilled as artists. Getting recognized overseas wasn’t easy, especially when not everybody knows and likes k-pop.

We just finished our fifth song and were about to start the last one, when I saw him again.

Asian kid was staring at us from backstage. How did he get there in the first place? Where was the security?

I was so deep in thought that I almost missed my part. I started singing and exchanged looks with members, showing them discretely the backstage.

After we finished our performance successfully, we went backstage to look for the kid, but didn’t find him.

“Is he trying to prank us?” Heejun asked irritated.

“I’m curious whether he was a fan or an anti,” Inseong said.

“He’s a little kid,” I stated. “Why would he hate us?”

“I don’t know, maybe revenge? We got it a lot lately.”

“Are you delicately reminding me about Lee and his psycho brother?” I said angered. And I wanted to forget about it…

“No, I’m just giving an example.”

“Very concrete example.”

“Hey, calm down,” Youjin interrupted us. “That matter is in the past. Don’t talk about it anymore.”

“But why not,” I growled. “It’s nothing to be afraid anymore, right? Psycho brothers are in the jail and Grumpy controls things connected to them personally.”

“We haven’t heard from Grumpy for months,” Seungjun added worried. “Are you sure they didn’t escape? Hooded man did it once –”

“I know because I’m a fortune teller,” I answered sarcastically. “I don’t know, how could I!?”

“Please, stop…” Heejun groaned. “Don’t argue again…”

I took a deep breath. Heejun was right. We mentioned that case twice since Lee and his brother were arrested and we always ended up arguing. The concert’s great atmosphere disappeared in a second.

Suddenly something pulled my sleeve and I looked down.

The kid from the restaurant was looking at me with a stone face.

“Why?” I blurted surprised.

“Did you get lost?” Seungjun asked, squatting beside him but was pushed aside, which shocked us. We thought Seungjun was good with children, but that one didn’t even look at him. Instead he took out a notebook from his slightly torn backpack. Only now I saw his clothes were a little messed up too. He wrote something in his notebook and showed me:


I finally found you!


I raised my eyebrows. Before I could ask what did he mean, security guards ran to us out of breath and took the kid.

“You little rascal! Here you are,” one of them said in English and then looked at us. “Sorry about that. We’ll take care of him. Great show, by the way!”

“T-Thank you, but –” I began but they already took the kid, who sent me last, frightened look.

For a moment we stood in total silence, dumbfounded. When we were about to leave, I looked down and saw a piece of paper. It must have fallen from kid’s notebook. It had something like… logo?



If you’re lost, you’ll be found.

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