Be the one for me! (Its Ricco Tho Fanfic)

A guy walks up to this girl named Sirena and asked her out but what they find out about each other is very interesting!
He lives in LA and so does she.
But what do they both do in common and have in common!

What will happen?


2. Promposal video

You already know in in love with It's Ricco Tho on YouTube and I can't believe that I did it and posted it but I prom posed to him and something awesome happened.

I made a video rapping to the best or Guapanese his song. I sang like this

"Rose buds, and dressy piece,

Dressin like I'm on a award scene,

Flexing on you, droppin keys, and I speak is promposally."

I kept going but I knew it was kind of goofy and stupid but I liked it and do did many other people cause they shared it.

Then the next day I woke up to tweet after tweet after tweet more then usual. So I looked st them and they said Sirena go looked at it's ricoo tho's YouTube channel he did it he got it!'

I was so confused so I opened up my laptop and I went on his channel and the first video I saw that was recent was answering proposals!

I was like ok whatever it's gonna be another reaction video let's watch.

I opened it snd he said:

"I'm bot saying my normal intro I'm just going to begin with this video for me!(it was the Promposal video I made for him!) well that video was directed to me snd that girl is amazing at singing and she's pretty hot too! All I'm saying is yes i will go to prom with u but what I gotta say is will you find my hints I left for u! I put notes all around your school and I handed some to those people that you talk to and people that just know you. I want to see if you can figure everything out before 4th period! Good Luck Sirena! Hopefully you get it and we go to prom together!!" It's Ricco tho!

"I can't believe he said yes!!" I yelled.

What am I going to do?

I kept saying I have to looked cute today. I have to look hot today. I have to look sexy today. I have to look amazing for its Ricco tho if he shows up!!

What will I do?

Find out if I get all the hints and go to prom with my love of my life it's Ricco tho!!

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