Be the one for me! (Its Ricco Tho Fanfic)

A guy walks up to this girl named Sirena and asked her out but what they find out about each other is very interesting!
He lives in LA and so does she.
But what do they both do in common and have in common!

What will happen?


1. intro

Hi my name is Sirena. I'm from North Los Angeles and I'm in love with this guy! I just can't find out where he is!

I'm an Internet star and I am in love with this guy It's Ricco Tho on youtube(go check him out). I would love to meet him. I need to find him. We live in the same city but I can't find him and and his house and his brother or roommate. I just need to meet him and find him already. I love him more then ever. But this is all just a dream.

*real life*

I live in Van Nuys LA and I am a girl that is in love with a guy but just didn't find him yet! Hopefully I find him soon and I get to see him in the future and I want to just meet him already!

Where is this guy that I love?

Will I meet the guy of my dreams?

Have I met him already?!

Have I watched him online!?

Read to find out more

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